Benefits of Coffee With Coconut Milk

Unless you drink your coffee as black as your soul, there’s no chance I’m going to comment on it. This is because other than a vegan person, and a lover of different milk substitutes like almond, hemp, oats, soy, rice and so on, I love to have my coffee tinted black from time to time.

Call it my choice or the wish for the day, but it is what it is. However, as my love for milk substitutes are bigger, I would like to mention some important things about coconut milk.

Because why not? We all love coconuts, it adds a great flavor to foods, so it does the same to coffee too. But if you are still skeptical, let’s check out the knowledge I gathered for the ignorant here.

About coconut milk

If your day starts with coffee or you might get cranky, then, you must have some good options for the drink. I define the start of my day with the taste of coffee I want. Some days I have an almond milk latte, but then there are days when I run out of almond milk, and there is only one thing for it - coconut milk This is one of my top alternatives because this is healthy and delicious.

So, let’s answer the queries you have in mind.

The better part of coconut milk in coffee

There are no stiff rules on coffee with coconut milk, but still, people tend to doubt the mix. So, whenever you are conflicted, ask yourself two questions,

  • Do you like the flavor of coconut milk?
  • What type of coconut milk are you using?

If you get the answer: No, never. I can’t even think of it! That’s fine, then coconut milk is just not your cup of tea. I also understand why some people resent it because it has a special taste and smell and not everyone can cope with that. Also, it depends on the type of coconut milk they are going for.

Here, I would like to mention that if you are using a can, make sure not to go for the lite version. Seriously, a little bit of fat in coconut milk will not make you obese. In the lite product, the manufacturers use gums and stabilizers to make the thing thick. It also makes me want to purge thinking of the usage of gum in food. Also, I guess you wouldn’t like to separate the goodness of coconut milk fat because this adds the extra foam to your coffee.

To be precise, you should use coconut milk as natural and with minimal processing. If you choose another lane, you will not be happy with the outcome, and I can guarantee you that your day will be spent in crankiness.

Curdles in coffee?

cup of coffee with teaspoon and some beans on the table

Yes, this is the one issue I have found with coconut milk. Although, this is the last thing I want to see, the lumps of milk circling in my cup. This is why I prefer powder most of the time. Also, I’m sure the powder is the trend these days, as we the new generation want everything instant.

Also, when you are using canned milk or packaged one, and you get curdles, think of it as inevitable. This is because coffee is acidic, and it reacts with any non-dairy milk product. This is the reason coffee makes curdles.

What is the benefit of coconut milk in coffee?

Are you a keto person? Then, one of the best creamers for keto coffee is coconut milk. When you are following the keto diet, this is for low and high carb, so coconut milk will not harm your regime. Also, for me, it’s vegan, and I like this substitute of milk for my coffee. If you read the levels of your can or powder package, you will find that half of the calorie of it comes from the fat ingredient. Although, I cannot say the same for soy or almond milk.

Also, in the other benefits of coffee with coconut milk, it gives you health advantages. If you are lactose intolerant, then, it’s a better option. However, I would recommend you take advice from your doctor when you are following any special diet. The health benefits are,

Weight loss

Coconut milk contains MCTs, which are medium-chain triglycerides, and researchers have added this to weight loss benefits. MCTs work to reduce body fat, and they may balance the gut microbiota. The lack of stability can cause obesity.

Boosts immunity

Coconuts have lauric acid and researchers have found that this ingredient can support the immune system in humans. In other findings, it has been found out that it has anti-inflammatory properties. Also, I have read in another article that gives benefits to the heart as well.

Coconut milk in an iced latte

coffee, milk and coconut

To be honest, there’s nothing greater than an iced latte on a hot summer day. It’s my favorite thing to have when I’m reading. However, not everyone likes the option of coconut milk in an iced latte, but you should go for a change. Coconut milk in this type of coffee is a great combination. The first time I tried and never left the recipe ever since. With the first sip, you will get addicted.

The aroma, the taste will leave you spellbound. You can go for an espresso, coconut milk powder and a sweetener of your choice, ice cubes, then mix it, take a sip of it. I personally like to add vanilla extract, it makes me feel good about my choice of coffee. As stated earlier, I liked to have powdered coconut milk, but you can go for canned, or packaged both.

Types of coconut milk

Canned coconut milk

It’s the thicker type of milk and has all the benefits of fat and protein. This will give you the creamy element in your coffee.

Boxed coconut milk

These are packaged ones and have stabilizers in it. The best part of boxed coconut milk is it will not get stale. I also use this option, when I run out of powdered milk, but I stay away from the light version.

Powdered coconut milk

As mentioned earlier, this is my favorite type. It has a shelf life of 2 years, and that is also another reason it’s my preference. You will get the best foam and the goodness of the cream.

Be sure to use good ingredients

Coconut milk is good, but you need to choose some quality products before you straightaway pour it into the coffee. Try to get the best quality milk of coconut from the market, and your day will not be bland anymore.