Benefits of Drinking Coffee with Lemon

Today, drinking coffee with lemon is becoming trendy due to a number of health benefits of this mixture. The supporters of this drink are of the view that along with melting off your fat it can also relieve your diarrhea and headaches.

In my view, you should read this write-up till the end to know the benefits of drinking coffee with lemon as both of these ingredients have many proven health benefits individually. The benefits of this mixture have been reviewed hereunder with evidence to validate the claim.

What is coffee with lemon?

Both lemon and coffee are two of the most commonly found ingredients in nearly every kitchen, and both can be used to make this drink.

Coffee is brewed from roasted coffee beans and is consumed almost throughout the world as one of the most common beverages. It improves the mood and increases the alertness as well as stimulates your central nervous system with the help of the caffeine found in it.

Lemons, on the other hand, are one of the citrus fruits used all over the world due to its antioxidant properties and vitamin C found in them. It has been used for centuries for a number of its medicinal benefits.

In order to discuss the benefits of drinking coffee with lemon let us know their health benefits individually.

Health benefits of coffee based on evidence

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Alleviate the risk of cancer: More than 1,000 bioactive compounds are found in roasted coffee beans. But it has outstanding properties of antioxidants on the basis of its main ingredients, chlorogenic acid, and caffeine. It has been proved that these two ingredients can reduce the risk of various types of cancers including prostate, liver, breast, endometrial, colorectal and gastrointestinal cancer by controlling the growth of cancer cells.

Reduce the risk of various health conditions: Coffee can also reduce the risk of various other health conditions like heart diseases, type-2 diabetes, depression, liver diseases, Parkinson's disease, and Alzheimer's disease.

Boost energy levels: The caffeine found in coffee can improve performance in endurance exercises, enables you to burn more calories to lose weight fast and boost your energy levels.

Health benefits of lemon juice based on evidence

Like coffee, lemons also offer a number of health benefits because of powerful antioxidants in them including flavonoids and vitamin C.

Both of these antioxidants help in lowering the risk of various types of cancers like stomach, esophagus, breast and pancreas cancers. They also protect us from heart problems.

Vitamin C found in lemons also helps in protecting from infections as well as boosting your immune system.

In this way, both coffee and lemons offer a number of health benefits. Now let us see whether we get their health benefits in their mixture or not.

Health benefits of drinking coffee with lemon

Usually, it is claimed that drinking coffee with lemon can mainly provide you four health benefits like:

  • Relieve diarrhea
  • Ease headaches
  • Melting off body fat
  • Skincare benefits

Now let us test these claims scientifically.

Scientific evidence of the health benefits of drinking coffee with lemon

black coffee with lemon

Relieve diarrhea

Normally, it is claimed that instead of drinking coffee with lemon diarrhea can be relieved by eating lemon with ground coffee beans. But there is no evidence to prove that lemon can relieve diarrhea.

However coffee can stimulate colon which can increase the frequency of poop. Moreover coffee can worsen dehydration caused by loss of fluid in diarrhea due to its diuretic effect. Thus this claim is also false.

Relieve headaches

According to various studies, the physical ability of most of the people below 50 years of age all over the world is affected due to migraines and headaches. Most people use various types of home remedies to get rid of these problems. But the use of coffee for this purpose cannot be confirmed scientifically as the results of researches are divided.

According to some scientists, caffeine in the coffee can relieve headaches to some extent due to its vasoconstrictor effect that reduces the flow of blood into the blood vessels in your head by tightening them.

Others say that caffeine can reduce headaches and migraines by improving the effectiveness of the medications used for relieving them. In some cases, Caffeine can cause a headache if used with other foods or beverages like citrus fruits, chocolate, and alcohol, etc.

In this way, this second claim of the health benefit of drinking coffee with lemon is also untrue. This combination cannot relieve headaches. If the pain is reduced in some cases then it can be due to caffeine in the coffee instead of its mixture with lemon.

Melt off body fat

The mixture of both coffee and lemon juice can help in losing your weight by melting your belly fat by taking them together in the morning due to their antioxidant properties. You should add some hot water in some ground roasted coffee beans coffee and add a spoonful of lemon juice to it to warm the mixture. It is better to drink this mixture half an hour before you start exercising in the gym.

Skincare benefits

This claim seems to be true as it has been revealed by several studies that the antioxidant properties of lemon and coffee can be beneficial for our skin.

According to various studies, CGA found in coffee can hydrate our skin as well as improve the flow of blood in it. Its consumption can reduce the deterioration of the barriers of the skin and scaliness of the skin as well as improves the smoothness of the skin.

On the contrary Vitamin C in lemon can improve the production of a protein known as collagen in our body which helps in reducing damage to the skin caused by exposure to sun and free radicals and improving its elasticity and strength. Thus you can get these skincare benefits by drinking coffee with lemons.

Though lemons and coffee offer various types of health benefits due to their antioxidant properties, there is no evidence that we can relieve diarrhea and headaches by drinking coffee with lemon. In my opinion, they can provide skincare benefits as well as help in losing weight when consumed together.

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