Benefits Of Drinking Coffee Without Milk And Sugar

Do you like your coffee white and sugary? Well, perhaps this is causing you some unnecessary health problems that could be avoided if only you took your coffee black!

In this article, we will explore the benefits of drinking coffee without milk and sugar.

The definition of black coffee

This is the type you go for when you are too tired or stressed, or you have to keep yourself awake for a long time. Yet there are many other benefits to it as long as you ignore that jar of milk, and the can of sugar!

Then, you get a healthy drink. If you are lactose intolerant then, you have no question of having milk, although you can go for alternatives, we are talking about absolute health here. So, leave the milk out of it. Also, when you add sugar and you want to lose weight, forget about the fats. Remember, you must keep these two things out of sight when making coffee!

Nutritional Values of Coffee

If you go for 100 grams of coffee beans it will give you 520 calories. This is a huge amount of energy you can get for the entire day. It also has:

  • 26 grams of fat
  • 8 grams of protein
  • 5.40 milligrams of iron
  • 62 grams of carbohydrate
  • 160 milligrams of calcium
  • 150 milligrams of iron
  • 52 grams of sugar and so on.

There are good things you will get when you go for coffee without milk and sugar. People around the world like to have their coffee in various ways. As it is filled with antioxidants, I prefer to drink it the right way. It not only gives me energy but keeps so many diseases at bay. So, here are the benefits of drinking coffee without milk and sugar.

Boosts memory

boost memory and coffee beans

Age doesn’t stay still for anyone, even I got wrinkles in my 30s. So, when I read somewhere that drinking coffee without milk and sugar can decrease the chances of risk of Parkinson’s and dementia, I had to follow the path immediately.

The main part of black coffee is that it keeps your brain functioning. This is the boosting thing when I get up in the morning and get the full energy after my cup of black coffee. It also helps in boosting memory. Like, I have forgotten what feud I got into with my colleague the other day at the office. But once the coffee gets in, the memory is there, and I remember every detail of it. It’s not just that you have to get back to anyone, but you can generally remember things in daily life, and that is what keeps diseases like dementia and Parkinson’s away. Black coffee also decreases the chance of Alzheimer’s by 65%.

Improves performance

Speaking of performance, you will get lots of energy for it. Before I started drinking black coffee, I just maintained the regular sugar, milk drink, but didn’t enhance my performance. I used to get late sometimes and had to face the wrath of my boss for lame work performances too.

Yet after the change into black coffee, no, I’m not right on time every day, but my workability has increased and I don’t feel sleepy after 12 strikes. Also, if you go to the gym, you must have had the recommendation of the instructor to arrive at the gym after you have a cup of black coffee. This is also so that they can make you work without any mercy for at least one hour. Then, again, you lose weight too.

Cleanses the stomach

One of the best diuretic beverages is coffee, and this is why you have to go for a bathroom break too often. When you drink coffee without milk and sugar, then when you urinate all the toxins in your body flushes out. This cleans the stomach properly. This is why I prefer to get a cup of coffee after lunch so that I don’t have to feel sick by the foods I just consumed or fall asleep.

Good for liver

coffe beans, liver test and cup of coffee

You must not be afraid of the black color of your coffee, and think your liver is doomed by it. It’s just the opposite. Your liver loves this drink, at least mine does. Black coffee is a known thing for preventing diseases like fatty liver, liver cancer, alcoholic cirrhosis, and hepatitis. I have started to drink black coffee at least 4 times a day, and I have found out that it reduces an 80% chance of liver diseases. Also, it lowers the number of harmful enzymes in the body.

No risk of diabetes

My family is diabetes-prone, and to avoid this very disease at bay, I decided to go for coffee without milk and sugar. Black coffee is good for producing insulin, thus it prevents diabetes. Even though I occasionally love to eat sweets, diabetes doesn’t always happen because of the sweet tooth. In fact, it can happen when you have an irregular lifestyle or you have a family history of it.

Prevents gout

This health issue occurs when you have build up uric acid in the blood. I have found out in a study that drinking at least one to three cups of black coffee in a day can lower the storage of uric acid in the body. As I’m in my 30s, I have so many things to fear, like aging, arthritis, heart, kidney issues and so on. So, I have made my morning routine and started it with black coffee. If you make it your habit, it will lower the risk by 40%.

Reduces depression and stress

The entire day of working and then coming home with all the day’s work in head, it’s normal to feel stressed. Also, at a time when I feel depressed because of some personal issues of mine, I have found a way to keep myself sane, and that is coffee without sugar and milk. One sip of the drink and I feel all the stress getting out of me.

The same will happen to you, if you drink black coffee after a strenuous day, or during work time. It will give you more energy and the positiveness for going on for the next few days.