Benefits of Drinking Egg Coffee

Egg coffee has slowly graduated from being a Vietnamese, Scandinavian, and traditional Hungarian diet to a daily part of nutrition.

Workout enthusiasts, athletes, and sportsmen have realized the importance of this mixture both for their pre-workout and post-workout routine. They benefit from the endurance provided by coffee as well as the energy boost thanks to the protein that comes from eggs. It looks like these combinations are also a perfect team for women going through their weight loss journey, and men looking for ways to build-up.

I used to think it's a good idea to take a cup of coffee with a fried or boiled egg to provide a boost of energy for a better part of my day. Well, I still think it is, only that I now have a different alternative, and I don't have to stick to one recipe for my energy-packed breakfast of favorite coffee grounds and eggs.

It's not long ago since I realized that this diet was even more combined to bring out a thick, creamy, and nutritious diet. Here are the benefits of drinking egg coffee combination.

Post Workout Diet

If you're a workout enthusiast like me, then here is a mixture that is going to make your session a memorable one. My biggest nightmare when working out is sometimes running out of energy before I can do enough for the day. It's now news that the body sometimes gets too exhausted, and no matter how hard you try, you just can't continue. Well, this is not a problem anymore thanks to the egg coffee recipe.

According to nutrition experts, such as March Bubbs, egg coffee has gained popularity as a pre-workout drink not so many centuries ago. People use this combination for fasted cardio in the morning and other intense workouts.

Coffee provides a perfect boost in caffeine perfect for complete workout endurance. The egg yolk, on the other hand, ensures your body gets enough protein necessary for energy boosts. You need all these for a satisfactory workout session. If you're a sportsperson or you just love working out, I don't know you haven't considered trying this mixture yet.

Post-Workout Recovery

man drinking coffee

Eggs contain a perfect boost of fatty acids and protein in the body that adds an excellent boost of energy for your post-workout muscle recovery. Consuming egg 30 minutes after an intense workout ensures you get maximum muscle recovery.

Well, experts advise against taking a cup of coffee after your workout because you need to give your body the opportunity to unwind. But even if you have to take it before your workout session kicks in, it will stay up long enough to ensure you still have some energy left for your recovery.

While this can somehow mean getting the combination of coffee and egg after workout out of the equation, still mixing the two is not a bad idea because one part will aid the pre-workout session while the other part work as a post-workout recovery session.

The combination works together to provide all the benefits that enthusiast gym-goers are looking for, and experts prove that it works out perfectly.

Maintaining a Healthy Weight

There are no doubt nutritionists come with quite a number of food combinations that aid good health and weight loss. One of the perfect combinations is raw eggs dipped in a cup of hot coffee. While at first, I found this mixture yuckiest and non-appetizing, I couldn't help myself but think about the nutrition side of it.

After all, my years of experience with food have only shown me that the healthiest foods are not always the sweetest. And that's how I decided to try this combination to see if I can shed some extra fat.

A study found out that drinking raw eggs with your morning cup of coffee is a perfect way to speed up your weight loss. Marc Bubbs, the director of nutrition for the Canadian Men's National Basketball Team, cannot agree less to this.

Don't worry about the poisonous part of the raw egg because, according to Bubbs, warm coffee is enough to kill the harmful bacteria in raw eggs, leaving you with only the beneficial part of it. The weight loss part of this combination is also a result of the energy boosts that let you work out for longer hours, enabling you to burn out a substantial amount of calories in a single session.

A Delicious Traditional Treat

bread and coffee on the table

If you've never thought about cracking an egg into your cup of coffee, then you should consider reading Joy Summers' lovely Eater. According to her, egg and coffee combination has long been a culinary treat that came with Scandinavian immigrants. The lady grew up drinking this delicacy prepared carefully by her grandma to form a luscious texture in the mouth with a round richness offered by the coffee content of it.

This might not look delicious at a glance but think about Summer's grandma preparation method. It's not like eating raw egg because the combination is carefully brewed, and the description of the process itself is enough to water your mouth.

If well prepared, egg and coffee bring out the unforgiving richness, thick texture, and a smooth drink that will go down your throat easily. Well, I'm a person who likes experimenting with different recipes, and when I thought of preparing my coffee differently, I thought of the mixture. The result was a delicious drink that left me craving for more.

Good for Your Health

Of course, every food that goes into your body should have important health benefits. While too much coffee has long been considered bad for your health, there are several ways to take this favorite beverage without experiencing the negative part of it.

Egg coffee it is. Black coffee is found to help lower the risk of Type II Diabetes, provide pre-workout energy, and burn fat. Eggs are also common recommendations in any nutrition program thanks to their high protein content. Some experts link eggs to a lower risk of heart disease.

Egg and coffee combination is hence considered a healthy breakfast to start off your day in a good tone.