Benefits of Drinking Ginger Coffee

It has long been believed that both coffee and ginger contain wide-ranging health benefits to those who consume them. From nootropic elements to anti-inflammatory properties, ginger coffee is a beverage popular across the globe with the health-conscious.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the key benefits of drinking ginger coffee. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the first item on our list!

As a medicine for cold and flu

First and foremost, said Doc, the anti-inflammatory properties of dry ginger are legendary. Two, a cup of ginger coffee at sunrise will keep the body warm all day long.

Among the top benefits of drinking ginger in coffee is that it keeps the symptoms of cold and flu at arm's length. What’s more, it relieves an array of gastrointestinal problems including intestinal gas build-up and stomach cramps.

Most of all, might I say on a very personal note, ginger coffee does wonders for digestion.

Ginger coffee-buffs swear that ginger in the coffee also removes toxins from the body and relaxes the mind.

Homemade remedy

Ginger coffee decreases nasal congestion and ginger coffee eases joint pain. With a daily intake of ginger coffee, irritation of the skin and rashes vanish like vanishing cream! Add those two, too, to the top benefits of drinking ginger coffee.

Dr. Y, however, was quick to inform that ginger coffee is a homemade remedy, a multi-purpose natural antidote, that grandmothers learned to make from their grandmothers and passed it on to their granddaughters!

Ginger beverages are ages old. Ginger tea and ginger coffee are herbal beverages. They are made with powdered or crushed ginger root and valued for their medicinal benefits - as spelled out in the "10 benefits of drinking ginger coffee."

Sukku or chukka kaapi

Ginger coffee brings about a spike in body temperature on a cold wet morning. It has a markedly positive effect on early flu symptoms and regularly drinking ginger coffee puts a halt to irritating nasal discharge, and removes congestion in the nostrils.

It comes in very handy when dealing with the ill-effects of indigestion, painful sore muscles, and downright unwanted dizziness.

In south India, ginger coffee is a 2000-year-old concoction. Called sukku or chukka "kaapi", ginger coffee is a daily morning blend in almost every south Indian household. A drink for the entire household. From the adolescent to the grandfather. The drink that keeps them both in fine fettle.

Iron content

The pungent taste of ginger, a yearning that grows on you. Always taken hot, ginger coffee or chukka/sukku kaapi is made by boiling ginger root powder in hot water and sweetened with palm jaggery, which has high iron levels and benefits for anemic children.

By the way, ginger coffee is also associated with long life. Long and healthy life. Primarily because ginger coffee is considered medicine that cures more than one ailment. And it spreads a pleasant warm glow within. A warmth that remains locked in for hours.

And it doesn't hurt to reiterate: The dry ginger powder, which is a prime ingredient, is garnished with palm jaggery and other spices to make ginger coffee. The brew is an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory. Ginger coffee, they say, is the best remedy for all sorts of body aches and stiff muscles.

Fights cramps of menstruation

lady having menstruation cramps

Ginger coffee is also believed to have properties that fight osteoarthritis! Another of the 10 benefits of drinking ginger coffee. It's alternative medicine and can become a daily habit albeit with no or little side-effects.

Some studies state that ginger coffee taken daily helps control blood sugar levels and also builds resistance to cardiovascular diseases. It lowers bad cholesterol. It flattens triglyceride levels.

And it's enemy to menstrual cramps. Best of all, one of the 10 benefits of drinking ginger coffee, is that ginger coffee does wonders for a bowel movement. Constipation goes for a toss and chronic dyspepsia is discouraged.

Standing tall among spices, and herbs

And in these days of the coronavirus and COVID 19, what gives ginger coffee a place in the pantheon of top beverages is its anti-flu, anti-cold, and anti-fever qualities, which are worth their weight in gold, or ginger!

My ginger tea-drinking buddy says ginger is anathema to all upper respiratory throat infections and irritations and I agree. Ginger stands tall among spices and herbs with medicinal properties.

Along with cumin and coriander. Black pepper and basil. Add these to ginger coffee and it crimps the style of every ailment! Whether stomach cramps or gas; indigestion or aches and pains, a cup of ginger coffee warms them all out of contention.

In many communities, it's believed children should get an early start on ginger coffee. Getting addicted to ginger coffee at a young age is by far better than getting hooked on aerated drinks at a later stage. Or, worse, losing the head on alcoholic drinks.

Cautions to go with ginger coffee

green beans with ginger

These days there is even an option: Decaffeinated ginger coffee powder. The perfectly healthy cup of ginger coffee. What say thou? Try it one of these days. And it might just favor the palate, titillate the senses! Who knows?

So, are we done with the 10 benefits of drinking ginger coffee? Not by a long shot or by a large mug or bottomless cup of ginger coffee. But, before the final touches to the 10 benefits of drinking ginger coffee, how about a couple of "cautions"?

Like, don't drink ginger coffee on an empty stomach. It will pile-up bile in the stomach and that's poison. Bile will leave you inert on your stomach or on your back, neither position good to begin a day on.

Two, an excess of ginger coffee - beyond three or four cups - can cause a burning sensation in the throat. Again, not recommended to kick-start a brand new day. Or the best note to end it on.

Drunk on ginger coffee

That said, the benefits of ginger coffee outnumber the adverse effects. Ginger is a power-packed spice. Give me any day the anti-oxidants in ginger coffee. Those in the ingredients that make ginger coffee. Its anti-inflammatory genome!

Like many on the block, I too am drunk on ginger coffee. This is one addiction I'm not gonna lose in a hurry. Not for all the ginger in Eden! Surprised? Try ginger coffee with a trace of lemon juice laced with mint juice and honey to taste. Ah, heaven!