Can Coffee Neutralize the Effects of Alcohol

Nothing is more dreadful compared to your hangover after the night of a party. You will even end up wanting to quit alcohol but then you know for sure that you will do it all over again.

So the best thing that you can do for now is to just find a cure for that headache and the feeling of being very tired. Since alcohol in your body can make you feel light-headed, you might want to skip driving for at least one day.

Can Coffee Neutralize the Effects of Alcohol

If you are a coffee drinker, you will be reaching out for a hot cup of coffee from the time you wake up. But can coffee neutralize the effects of alcohol from your system? Sadly, it cannot since the effect of coffee with alcohol is not to sober you up. It can make you more alert though compared to feeling and looking like a zombie that just came out from the Walking Dead series.

The molecules found in coffee are adenosine, caffeine, and adrenaline. These can stimulate your brain so that you can think a little bit straight compared to just having alcohol in your bloodstream. However, coffee cannot reduce the alcohol level in your system. Your body will need to digest all the alcohol that you have consumed the night before. That's the only way you will feel like yourself again.

What Will Happen if You Mix Coffee and Alcohol

Coffee can be mixed with alcohol for added flavor and leveling up your booze. Since drinking alcohol can make you sleepy after about two hours, you can have coffee if you want to stay up longer so you can drink more. Although it is not recommended because of its effects on your health. Your body will need to rest eventually after drinking alcohol. If you keep on trying to prolong your alertness despite being drunk by adding caffeine into your drinks, it can't be good anymore.

Alcohol and coffee may have the same reaction when it comes to your heart rate. Both can increase it including your blood pressure.

So the idea of putting them together may not be ideal. It can work double-time in your system and you may end up being hospitalized especially if you have an existing condition. Yet, in moderation, it will be alright. Just don't overdo it. Even if coffee can cancel out the effects of alcohol, it can still be dangerous for your health so combine them at your own risk.

Coffee Can Avoid Alcohol's Bad Effects

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Based on a study that was made in Chicago in 2006, coffee might have the ability to counteract the poisonous effect of alcohol in your liver. If you drink at least a cup of coffee every day, it will reduce your chances of developing liver cirrhosis by 20%. If you make it up to four cups a day, that's a whopping 80%. All you have to do is to just drink your coffee to avoid these liver conditions caused by alcohol consumption.

But of course, the most obvious solution is to drink less alcohol or eliminate doing so instead of having to drink a lot of coffee. That will be more effective than to continue getting drunk multiple times. The same study proves that drinking coffee can improve your liver's health even if you are not consuming alcohol. So it's still not a bad idea to have a regular coffee intake every day.

Hangover Effects of Alcohol

Aside from drinking a lot of alcoholic beverages, the hangover is the side effect of drinking those. To flush out alcohol in your system, you will need to wait for some time for your body to digest the alcohol. It's not a very good feeling and it seems that you may need to just stay at home all day to recover. Since you feel so tired about your previous night out, it can be better to just sleep.


Hangovers mean enduring headaches after the night has passed. Alcohol can expand your blood vessels that can cause headaches. it feels as if your head is pounding and you can't do anything about it. This is when inflammation can occur so if your headache is that bad, it's because of alcohol. It doesn't matter which kind you just consumed. But darker drinks can cause worse hangovers compared to vodka drinkers.


Since alcohol is not good for your stomach, you will feel nauseous even after a few hours had already passed. Your stomach lining is not designed to digest alcohol. You should be consuming healthy food and drinks. Alcohol can give you acid reflux that's why you may even end up throwing up. It's your body's way of telling you that it should not be inside your system.


You may experience dry mouth and dehydration, in general, the morning after. Since your liver is working double-time to flush out alcohol from your body immediately. Since your body is detecting it as toxic for your body, your kidney will produce more urine so that alcohol will be out as soon as possible. Therefore, you will feel dehydrated since you have lost a lot of body fluids from partying.

Coffee and Hangovers

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Coffee has been the remedy for hangovers since a lot of people know the effect of coffee. It is a stimulus to have a more active state of mind. However, it is not exactly the case. Although there are a lot of college students who are just starting up with their alcohol drinking resort with coffee to cure their hangovers.

Coffee Can Wake Up Your Senses

Since coffee can make you more alert, drinking it when alcohol seems to make you sleepy is a good idea. That's the best way that you can manage to drag yourself home. When the caffeine kicks in, you can take advantage of that alertness it can give you so that you can walk straight and head home as soon as possible.

Coffee is 95% Water as a Drink

Drinking coffee can add up in replenishing your dehydrated system. Even if you know that coffee will not help you to sober up completely, it will help you to have more water in your body. Most alcohol drinkers only stick with black coffee for these moments. That way, you can have the health benefits of pure coffee and hydrate yourself a bit.

Caffeine is Addicting

If you are a coffee lover, it's hard not to drink your coffee in the morning after drinking alcohol the night before. This will help you to lessen your headaches due to caffeine withdrawal. Thus masking the effect of coffee as a hangover relief. It's still best to drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins from alcohol consumption. But drinking coffee is a must if you need to go somewhere to keep you awake.