Can I Drink Coffee After Taking Glutathione?

Most of us can agree that coffee is our fuel. We run our lives and our energy with it. I can’t start my day without it and I have to take it when the day ends. It’s such a great joy for me knowing that I start and end my day with a cup of coffee. I have heard people saying that too much contact in relationships can get boring but my relationship with coffee never gets boring!

There are days filled with so much fun that I don’t want them to end and a cup of coffee keeps me awake as I enjoy the fun. Those are the days when I dread to see evening arriving as I would be having so much fun. In days when I have low moments, coffee acts as my antidepressant as I am prone to stress and with just a cup of coffee I feel okay. My love for coffee is what keeps me warm during cold nights as work in the evenings from my home office.

As a gym and fitness enthusiast, I depend on the coffee to keep me going. I only sign up for gyms that have coffee making machines or those that allow coffee in their premises. To me, a gym having a coffee maker is an attribute that attracts me to the work out center.

When travelling abroad, I always ensure that I book into hotels that serve the best coffee. I like to try out new brands and flavors that are there in the markets and I have a constant supply from the best coffee brewing companies. Good coffee needs great coffee making machines and I have invested in a number of them to enhance my experience.

What is Glutathione?

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Glutathione is an antioxidant that largely comprises 3 amino acids; glutamine, glycine and cysteine and it is produced in human bodies. It is important for the balance of our bodies’™ immune system and can be reduced in the body by poor nutrition, stress or exposure to physical toxins in the environment where you live or work. I recently had a deficiency and the doctor recommended that I take it as a supplement and I purchased it in the form of a capsule at my local drug store.

Effect of Glutathione on the Human Body

Oxidative occurs when there is a high imbalance between molecules that have uneven electrons and the antioxidants in the body. When our bodies have too many oxidant levels they are prone to diseases. Taking glutathione as a supplement helps our bodies to strengthen and push disease away. It is a preventive measure that is taken by people who are keen on their health status.

For older people, the supplement helps them avoid illnesses such as Parkinson’s disease and artery disease complications. For children the supplement helps children living with autism. Glutathione also reduces uncontrollable diabetes and helps fight autoimmune diseases.

Personally, I take glutathione supplements as recommended by my physician. After reading through several journals on the internet and consulting my physician I realized that the effects of coffee supplement those that come about from glutathione chemical.

Coffee contains caffeine which is a stimulant and it creates a balance between electrons and antioxidants in our bodies. Hence, it works in the same way as the glutathione chemical in providing our bodies with a good balance. The science and studies in this area are yet to offer a conclusive link but preliminary results point to a correlation.

When I take coffee I feel relaxed and in good general health. I attribute this feeling to the balance that coffee creates. Personally I don’t experience any anxiety or side effects when I take coffee after taking glutathione. When I shared this experience with my coffee-loving friends they shared the same sentiments. I also belong to a social network of coffee lovers who we share experiences with on a social media page.

Our recent discussion was about our experiences of taking coffee immediately after taking glutathione and the comments from the other members were unanimous. They were all surprised because they had experienced all the effects individually, little did they know that it was a mutual effect.

Glutathione and Cell Damage

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Cell death can occur in our bodies when we lack a good balance of antioxidants. The most common resulting disease is called fatty liver disease. Those suffering from this disease take glutathione in high doses, it improves their protein and enzyme levels which is essential to their healing. While the disease may not be so common among Americans, it is fatal when it affects human beings.

Taking coffee will supplement the effects of glutathione for those ailing from fatty liver disease. My friend who is a coffee lover and was at one point diagnosed with fatty liver disease shared his experience that he felt a big relief after he took coffee. He told our forum recently that while he believed taking supplements was important for him, his coffee intake played a big part in his healing.

My friend informed us that he takes about 5 cups of coffee each day and his health greatly improved. He also took coffee immediately after taking his glutathione and at times swallowing it while taking coffee. The combination worked very well on his health. This review has been shared in other coffee lover’s groups that I belong to.

When I started my coffee journey, I just liked its taste and smell. The journey has been so great that we are now inseparable! I had no idea that love would bring me to experiencing so much positive results and solutions as I have now.

Our relationship has earned me a nickname at work, Mrs. Coffee! I love the name. Coffee has proved to me that it is more than what many think, a drink. It is a healer, stress reliever, energy drink all in one. Furthermore, I take my coffee any time of day when I need it even when taking my glutathione supplement.

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