Can I Drink Coffee If I Have Chicken Pox?

Chicken pox is a very uncomfortable viral infection to deal with. Although vaccines and remedies have made this virus more bearable since coming in contact with humans in the late 1500's it can still be a pesky ordeal to say the least.

In fact I remember being seven years old eating my Thanksgiving dinner quarantined from my family. At the time I was covered in red bumps and I was scratching my skin as if I was trying to remove it. Sounds fun right? Yeah didn't think so. This was around 1999 so most of the homemade remedies my grandmother gave me were probably to give me a little peace of mind rather than getting rid of the virus. Fortunately in today's age we have even more information on chicken pox that can be used to help the poor souls that catch it get through their rough patch.

Coffee and Chicken Pox

What we have learned over the years of enduring chicken pox is that your diet can either make this dreadful experience more distressing if one is not careful. The main question of the day is for the Joe lovers. Can I drink coffee if I have chicken pox? Fortunately most of the time in the U.S a person will catch chicken pox before they develop a taste for freshly brewed java. If you do happen to catch chicken pox as a coffee drinking adult however I do have some bad news. It's time to put the coffee down.

Why Coffee is Bad For Chicken Pox

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The acidity of coffee is the reason it is a terrible beverage choice if infected with chickenpox. Highly acidic foods will slow down your recovery process and can also lead to more irritation. Also if you develop sores around your mouth area eating or drinking anything acidic will probably feel like pouring alcohol over an open wound.

If you have the chickenpox it is imperative that you keep your body hydrated to speed up the recovery process. Not only will the acidic nature of coffee lead to irritation but the dehydration that caffeine causes will also slow down recovery. Now, before you premeditated all of the people you are going to kill while you are deprived of caffeine for two weeks, just know that there are some alternatives. Different herbal teas (without citrus) may provide a healthier energy boost for you while you are recovering from the chicken pox.

Another issue that coffee could cause someone infected with chickenpox is the restlessness. In order for the body to heal one must get a decent amount of sleep. Coffee will probably give you insomnia which will put more strain on the body as it tries to fight off the virus. Consuming large amounts of caffeine can also cause nausea and headaches to go along with your itchy skin. If you are like most people you also may prefer a little cream in your coffee.

This makes for a triple whammy and you will probably be scratching yourself until you see bone. Cream or milk are both rich and nutrients making your skin more oily and prone to itchiness. Also adding sugar or sugary creamers will also increase your fat intake and may cause inflammation.

How to Avoid Chicken Pox

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95 percent of all adults have had chickenpox before the age of 18 and therefore immune to it. If you are drinking coffee before the age of 18 you may have bigger issues. As a child, the chicken pox blisters will start to scab over after a week, However, for adults it is not uncommon for more red bumps to appear on the seventh day of having chicken pox.

Chickenpox in adults have some of the same symptoms in children but can be more severe. There are a few risk factors that you can decrease to cut your chances of catching chicken pox. First, make sure that all the children in your living space are vaccinated. Childcare professionals are probably the most at risk due to all the children they work with. It is important to stay vigilant and alert when working with children. If you haven't faced chicken pox as a child, you can catch the virus simply by coming in physical contact with the infected.

Keeping your immune system strong is also a way to avoid complications with chicken pox. For example if you are pregnant and have never had chickenpox as a child then you are at risk. Along with being pregnant there are medications and illnesses that weaken the immune system. If you happen to fall into one of the three categories you need to be careful to stay chickenpox free. A few complications from chickenpox can be bacterial infections on the skin, tissue or bones. You can meet bleeding problems, pneumonia, severe dehydration and toxic shock syndrome.

Alternatives to Coffee

As mentioned earlier, there are a few healthier options to choose from other than coffee. Although coffee has a ton of health benefits for a regular consumer, someone infected with chicken pox should stay clear. If you absolutely must drink coffee during having the chicken pox we at least recommend you go the organic route. Organic coffee has less chemicals which reduces your chances of having any complications. Also all the natural antioxidants that are packed in organic coffee can help your immune system fight off the virus. If you don't want to take any chances then we would recommend a good herbal tea. Herbal tea can give you the same energy boost as a cup of coffee without the risk factors. Switching your morning beverage may not be what you want to hear but it can help tremendously in getting rid of the virus. Since chicken pox usually lasts less than three weeks the switch will only be temporary. Also consider the fact that if you catch chicken pox you will most likely be resting and will not need that extra energy to complete your usual tasks.

Just rest, hydrate, and eat healthy and you should be back to new in no time!