Can I Drink Hot Coffee After a Dental Implant?

Having dental implants is the best way to go if you want to make your teeth look and feel natural. Although it’s not the real thing, it’s the next best thing to have as a replacement for your natural teeth.

It will feel as if you have the real thing and you may not even notice the difference. However, you need to be careful since even simple things like drinking coffee may have an impact on your new pearly whites.

Can I Drink Hot Coffee After A Dental Implant?

After a dental implant, it’s better to stay away from hot drinks altogether. It’s not just about hot coffee, but also other hot beverages like hot chocolate or hot tea. Since it’s not good for your gum healing process. You can allow a couple of days and give some time for your gums to heal. That way, the bleeding will not be triggered.

You even need to alter your diet for a few days. Like going on a soft diet as well. So drinking hot coffee is not advisable if you don’t want to end up ruining your new dental implants. Or worse, have a gum infection if it did not heal properly. Just hold the hot drinks in the meantime. Once you already have healed completely, then you can go back with your usual meals and drink your hot cup of coffee once again.

Drinking Hot Coffee After A Dental Implant

What will happen if you drink hot coffee after a dental implant? If you just got home after your trip to the dentist, chances are your gums are still wounded. Imagine the trauma your gums went through for this dental procedure.

So you have to be more careful than usual. The bleeding should stop after a few minutes from the procedure and also after taking some medications. If you drink any hot beverage, it can trigger the bleeding once again. This might cause infection which will lead to swollen gums and even worse conditions. So it's best to avoid hot drinks even if it’s not coffee.

When Can I Drink Hot Coffee

lady holding hot coffee in a pink cup

It is advised to wait at least 48 hours after your dental procedure before you can consume hot drinks. The good news is, you can drink your cold brew coffee in the first 24 hours. So it means that you don’t have to deprive yourself of having a caffeine boost right after your dental implant. You have so many choices so you don’t have to go on cold turkey without your coffee.

Once 48 hours have passed and your gums look better, then go ahead and have your hot cup of joe and knock yourself out!

Drinking Coffee After 48 Hours

Drink It Fast

If you usually drink your coffee slowly and enjoy every moment of it, you have to stop doing that right now! This can cause stains on your teeth since it will be more exposed to coffee. Try to just have your coffee in one sitting so that you don’t have to worry about staining and the risk of having to go back to your dentist for whitening or worse, replacement of your dental implants.

Limit Your Coffee Intake

Since you have your implants now, you will need to limit your coffee intake to two cups a day instead of the usual. Coffee is good for natural teeth because of polyphenol. However, since you no longer have the real thing, it will not be good for your dental implants anymore so it’s best to put a limit on your coffee intake every day.

Brush Your Teeth Right Away

Brushing your teeth right away is the best way to avoid stains of coffee on your implants. Not only it will help you to stop the coffee from staining but it can also brush away the acid from your teeth. If you usually take your coffee with cream, brushing right after drinking coffee can remove other organisms that can cause plaque build-up which is not good for your dental implants.

Dental Implants and Coffee

If you are a coffee lover, it’s hard to last the day without having several cups of coffee on a daily basis. Since it tastes good and you know that it has antioxidants to help you to stay healthy, it seems that there’s no separating you from your daily dose of java. But then, you had your dental implants.

This changes everything since it’s no longer your natural set of teeth anymore. These fakies are so sensitive and expensive so you will need to learn how to take care of them properly. Coffee is good as long as you make sure to keep it in moderation.

Downsides of Drinking Coffee After Dental Implant

lady holding a coffee with toothache

Stains Your Dental Implant

If you have your dental implant, it can easily get stained with coffee. It can also cause the restoration topping to become yellowish which is not a good view. But you can always make sure to wash it down with water and brush it right away as soon as your done with your cup of coffee. It will help to wash away the acid from coffee so that your implants will be safe from discoloration.

It Can Cause Dry Mouth

Coffee can cause dry mouth so if you have your dental implants, you will be prone to some gum issues. But if you will stay hydrated and drink more water and other fluids, you can avoid it from happening. Dry mouth can give bad breath and other gum related issues. So it’s best to keep in mind to drink water after your hot cup of coffee to avoid this.

Soften Dental Tissue

If you have a couple of remaining natural teeth, it can be a problem. Coffee can soften your teeth and make them weaker. But if you make it a habit to brush your teeth after drinking coffee, it can solve this concern. That way, you don’t have to end up adding more dental implants and you don’t have to give up your java as well.