Can you drink coffee from a copper mug?

So can you drink coffee from a copper mug? This thought may or may not have crossed your mind before. In this article, we will explore whether drinking coffee from a copper mug is something you should try out or steer clear of.

You may have seen multiple people drinking coffee from these and thought they would make a perfect addition to your kitchen cupboard.

The Benefits of Copper Mugs

What makes copper mugs intriguing is the expensive and lavish look of them. Drinking from a copper mug appeals to people since it feels fancy and provides an enjoyable experience. The beauty of copper mugs is the fact that it has the superb thermodynamic ability.

Copper has the property of insulation and therefore is able to maintain a temperature for an extended period of time. Something I found interesting is that in ancient times periods people would fill beverages in copper mugs, put out the fire and wake the next morning to a beverage of the same temperature.

The copper mug is able to keep a hot beverage hot for a long period of time or cold beverage cool. This property makes it extremely versatile since it can be used for a cold iced coffee or a scorching brew.

Have you ever found yourself struggling to hold a mug of your beloved coffee? We all have. Normal mugs do not have the same insulative property of copper, due to this the heat of the substance in the mug spreads to the actual mug and results in a hot mug.

This makes it difficult to hold and can result in burning your hands or even dropping the mug. If you choose to utilize a copper mug you will not face this issue. Due to copper's insulative property, the heat of the liquid will not heat the actual mug.

The copper mug will be able to maintain a cold or hot drink inside and still have a neutral feeling while holding. This is obviously beneficial since it will allow you to enjoy your drink comfortably without having to worry about holding an extremely hot or cold mug.

Are they safe?

iced coffee on copper mug with beans on the side

You may be wondering to yourself if copper mugs are safe to drink out of. The short answer is yes. If you didn't know already, copper exists in small quantities in our bodies. It is necessary to aid in the regulation of oxygen in our blood.

Copper is also found in small portions within our drinking water. It is, however, true that large amounts of copper can pose a serious risk to our health. Small cases of copper poisoning can be treated without any complications. On the other hand, the consumption of copper over a long period of time can result in copper toxicity.

Copper toxicity affects many parts of the body which include; the brain, the stomach, the kidneys, and the liver. Copper toxicity often results from heating copper cookware to extreme temperatures and cooking foods in this. The copper can transfer to the food and have negative consequences when consuming this food.

The good thing is that this only happens with pure copper cookware. Due to this pure copper cookware is typically not sold in stores.

Now that you know copper contaminated food can be dangerous to the consumer, we will take a look at what makes copper mugs safe to drink out of. Copper mugs sold in stores are not pure copper. The outer of it is although the inside is not.

The inside is usually lined from stainless steel or tin. These materials are completely harmless to drink liquids of any temperature out of. This inner lining is safe to consumer coffee since it prevents copper from leaking into it as well as prevents a chemical reaction from occurring between the copper and the ingredients in the substance.

Another thing to point out is that copper mugs should be washed carefully. Copper mugs should not be placed in the dishwasher as this will induce premature wear and tear and will result in corrosion of the copper.

Due to this, you will need to replace your mugs much sooner than you will like. This is of course not desirable. Copper mugs should be washed with care by hand. This is something that should be done with all antique and fragile kitchenware. Washing your copper mugs carefully will ensure that your mugs remain in pristine condition. This will give you the opportunity to enjoy your coffee brew for as long as you desire.

Now you can rest with ease with the knowledge that copper mugs are completely safe for use.

How costly are they?

copper mugs

Due to the lavish look of copper mugs, you might have the inclination that copper mugs will be extremely costly. I have good news for you, because this is entirely not the case. Copper mugs are actually extremely affordable.

For example, you can purchase 2 shining copper mugs for the same price as a pound of chicken wings. Although the chicken wings sound delicious they will be gone in not long at all and the copper mug will last forever if taken care of correctly. They will also add a nice vintage and sophisticated vibe to your kitchen. Forget the chicken wings and grab yourself a nice pair of copper mugs. This will be the smart choice and will allow you to enjoy your coffee like never before.

Will copper mugs go out of style?

Another thing to take a look at is whether copper mugs are a current trend that will be forgotten come the next big phase. Copper mugs have been around for hundreds of years, they were used for beverages in ancient civilizations as they didn't have modern-day plastic or glass mugs. In our opinion, copper mugs will remain in style for years to come and are not going anywhere. Copper mugs are enjoyed for coffee by many and provide a nice vintage and old fashioned vibe when drinking.

Therefore, the answer is yes; you can indeed drink coffee from a copper mug!