Can You Drink Coffee If You Have The Flu

Last week a friend of mine who loves coffee just as much as I do, came down with the flu. It kept her indoors most of the time as she could not go to work as she was feeling very weak. During this time of isolation, the biggest problem she had was that she didn’t feel okay taking her coffee until the flu came down. She therefore agonized and lost herself in sorrow because she felt sad being able to take to her coffee. Coffee lovers will certainly understand the feeling.

When I got to learn about it from her, I could sympathize with her situation because of what she was missing out. I would not wish for any coffee lover to miss their daily dose just because of a reason such as nursing flu. It would be acceptable to miss taking coffee if doctors advise against it and it has side effects on your body that could lead to other serious conditions.

I got to share the problem with other coffee lovers on our social networking site and I was surprised that several others take a break from coffee whenever they have flu. They said that their physicians had asked them not to take coffee. The reason given was because caffeine which is contained in the coffee is a stimulant and may not react well with common flu drugs.

I was astounded because my own experience with taking coffee while having the flu was different. I experienced better recovery times and more energy whenever I would take coffee while nursing the flu.

As I take my coffee hot, it went a long way in raising my body temperatures and keeping me warm from the inside especially during winter. My cup of coffee would also reduce grogginess that is often associated with common flu. When I take coffee I have increased alertness and I perform at the same level as I do when I am healthy.

Coffee as treatment to flu

coffee in a mug with FLU

Flu is caused by the influenza virus and it affects the respiratory system in our bodies. Many people confuse between the flu and a cold. They are viral but caused by different viruses. Also, colds do not easily cause complications to our bodies compared to those that flu can bring. However, they are both treatable and are manageable even with over the counter drugs.

Coffee has antioxidants that support our bodies immune system. Flu is a viral infection that is healed by strengthening our immunity as opposed to taking drugs to heal it. The caffeine contained in coffee provides support to your bodies’ immunity thus bolstering your recovery chances taken in moderate doses. Do not confuse this to mean that coffee is a substitute for drugs that manage the flu.

The treatment

Whenever you feel the symptoms of flu getting on you, you should immediately start being deliberate about taking a lot of hot fluids such as water. In addition to the water, take your normal cups of coffee just as it is your norm. We cannot say how many cups you should take because it will depend on your normal schedule and your tolerance levels. As usual, make sure that you serve your coffee hot.

To make it tasty you can substitute sugar with natural honey. Natural honey has healing abilities that will contribute to your healing. Depending on your usual tolerance, drink one to three cups of hot coffee.

There is no need to increase your coffee intake at this point. The key point is, the coffee again has to be hot not flu, or the treat will become invalid. Yet unlike drinking the hot water, you may enjoy the coffee at your own pace as long as it is still hot. And, feel free to add (or to skip) sugar or milk to taste.

I have been using this treatment for about 5 years now. I have never let illness bring me down from taking my loved cup of coffee at any time. It has worked for me. While I may not have had many incidents of flu at this time, the few bouts that have come have been quickly repulsed by the strong coffee that I take.

Energy and immunity

energized lady outdoor holding coffee

My coffee also enables me to carry out all my work without any interruptions even when I have the flu. I enjoy my workouts and outdoor games because the symptoms of the flu cannot affect my mood and energy levels.

My friends envy my work energy at the time I have the flu and often think that I am stronger than them because I am rarely put down by the flu. The secret is the little solution I throw in the mug each day. It is coffee!

It is therefore not true that you should avoid coffee when you have the flu, especially if you are a coffee lover. Since your body is already used to coffee intake, you may worsen the flu condition by not taking coffee.

To add to your system’s immunity, you can add some flu medicine into the coffee mug and take them together. Further, you can add homemade remedies such as garlic, lemon, and honey to make your coffee tasty and give it a sense of healing for your body at the same time.

This treatment is not good for someone who is suffering from high blood pressure. You have to consult your doctor if you have this condition. Caffeine may cause a rush in the body as it stimulates blood and this may create complications for your health.