Coffee Drinks That Are Hard To Pronounce

Did you know that in ancient Arab culture, a woman could only divorce her husband if he made terrible coffee? Although this may seem wildly irrational today, back in those days such an idea seemed perfectly rationay. This speaks volumes as to the popularity of coffee throughout history. In fact, coffee is the second largest traded commodity all over the world.

Coffee's popularity is no surprise since it has so many health benefits. Firstly, it speeds up your digestion and second, it gets you in the mood to accomplish all the things you're supposed to do for the day.

It is no surprise how there are many coffee shops scattered all over the world. In fact, more and more coffee-themed places are popping up everywhere. There can be some laughter in these coffee shops though if baristas or customers mispronounce some common coffee drinks!

If it is your first time encountering these drinks, we can't blame you for mispronouncing them. Here are some coffee drinks that are hard to pronounce:


Despite being easy to read, some people always make the mistake of putting an X at the beginning. Therefore, they pronounce it as Xpresso. That is not the correct way of pronouncing the name of this beverage, as the best way of pronouncing it is the way that it looks. In fact, even kids can correctly pronounce this word as it is pronounced as es-pres-so. There are other people who would prefer calling it es-pre-so and both are extremely correct and it would be up to you which one you prefer. It is one of the most basic forms of coffee so you can expect this drink to be available in most coffee shops all over the world.

Caramel Macchiato

A lot of people pronounce Macchiato as Match-ya-to which is not the correct way of doing it. The two Cs and the H in the word become a K so it is automatically pronounced as Mak-ya-to which can get confusing at times but it is the best way of pronouncing it! Those who have a high blood sugar may need to watch their intake of this drink though since it is pretty sweet. Caramel is sweet enough so being combined into this drink with the iced blended version will make your throat really ache. It is basically a sign that your body can't take enough of the sweetness. If you keep in great shape though, you can order this now and again. There are many macchiato versions in almost all coffee shops as they know plenty of people have a sweet tooth.


It is a common mistake to think this word is pronounced as Lat without the t and e at the end. Unfortunately, that is wrong as the correct way of pronouncing it is La-tey. This drink is known for being milky. Thus, those who are lactose intolerant may want to avoid it and stick with traditional coffee. Since it is half coffee and half milk, there is no need to put additional sugar in it. It is going to taste milky so putting additional sugar would make it really sweet. There is a vegan option for this drink as you can opt for having almond milk poured into it instead of cow's milk.


4 different coffee with their name

Some people think the correct way of pronouncing this popular drink is ca-pu-si-no but that is wrong. The correct way of pronouncing it is ca-pu-chi-no. There are some people who would emphasize the "cha" whenever they pronounce this widely popular drink. You are going to see this drink in every coffee shop that you go to so it would be advisable to pronounce it properly. When you get it wrong the first time, better get it right the second time and so on.

Cafe Mocha

cafe mocha coffee

Since mocha is pretty popular all over the world as an ice cream flavor, you would expect everyone to pronounce it correctly. Unfortunately, there are still some people who get it wrong. Some people think that if they get the hot option then this would not be that sweet anymore. That is actually a wrong presumption because it is still sweet no matter if it is hot or cold.

Vanilla Bean Creme Frappuccino

vanilla bean creme frappuccino coffee

Creme is the hard to pronounce word in this drink as some people would mistakenly pronounce it similar to ‘cream’. The truth is that the correct way of pronouncing the term is ‘krem’, which means the ‘e’ at the end is silent. Those who like vanilla will certainly love this drink as it is full of that much-loved flavour. This is perfect for summer as it is a refreshing drink that will leave you wanting much more. It is a drink that has both vanilla ice cream and whipped cream so that is a lot of dairy products!

Mocha Frappe

mocha frappe coffee

Some of us pronounce this term Mocha Fra-peh. In reality, the e is silent and it is pronounced as Mocha ‘Frap’. With a high calorie content, those watching their weight may want to avoid this drink and stick with the traditional Americano or Brewed Coffee. Frappe is short for Frappuccino, which some people also pronounce wrongly similar to Cappuccino so the short version of it is much easier to say.