Coffee is useful for face

The use of coffee for the face is not one of the many oddities with which the world of cosmetics surprises us season after season.

Far from being a fad, the revitalizing properties of this natural product find its best ally in the field of beauty. For this reason, both creams and coffee masks improve the appearance of the skin, enhancing its firmness so that our face looks brighter, younger, and more relaxed.

Stay tuned because we will come to learn all the reasons that make coffee the best beauty partner for the skin of our face.

Properties of coffee for face skin that will make you love it (even more)

lady with coffee beans on her back

The benefits of coffee for the face are numerous. Next, we will stop to analyze each of them, indicating how you should use coffee to obtain the best result as a facial treatment.

1. Coffee helps reduce dark circles and eye bags

It is undoubtedly not the first time that we hear that the caffeine contained in this drink favors blood stimulation, which is why it is a key ingredient in creams and beauty treatments.

As we have already discussed in depth the power of coffee to reduce cellulite, its ability to improve blood circulation makes it a key asset in reducing unsightly dark circles.

Coffee has antioxidant components that help reduce the puffiness of the eye bags and its characteristic purple color.

The result is none other than brighter and more relaxed skin, with little effort.

How to apply coffee to reduce dark circles?

  • Make a coffee pot.
  • When the drink is cold, soak several cotton balls of coffee.
  • Place two cotton balls over the eyes, and another two on the area where we have dark circles.
  • Let them act for 10 minutes and repeat the same action.

2. Coffee as a natural skin scrub to remove impurities from the face

Thanks to its granular texture, it is the perfect complement for facial massages.

The coffee to exfoliate applied directly to the face revitalizes the skin, but also nourishes it and gives it a softness and freshness.

The exfoliation of the face with coffee eliminates all those dead skins that turn off the natural luminosity of the face, achieving a rejuvenating effect that is obvious.

How to use coffee to exfoliate the face?

  • We will need ground coffee applied directly to the face or mixed with yogurt and honey.
  • Expand the mixture on the face by gently massaging in circles.
  • Being an exfoliating product, perform this action every 15 days.
  • If we do not want to apply ground coffee directly to the face, in the market, we will find coffee soaps perfect for cleaning, exfoliating, and hydrating the skin.

3. Coffee acts as a skin whitener

lady holding grind coffee to use in her face

One of the latest trends in cosmetics are treatments that whiten facial skin, thus reducing the incidence of dark spots on the face.

Well, far from expensive creams, many women and professionals in the aesthetic sector recommend the use of coffee to lighten the skin.

Its antioxidant properties not only protect us from the action of free radicals, but also prevent premature skin aging.

Thanks to the facial masks of coffee and honey, it is possible to exfoliate the skin of the face, contributing in, turn to, achieve the whitening effect that we seek.

How to make a coffee mask to lighten our skin?

  • We will need a small tablespoon of each of these products: used coffee grounds, salt, honey, and brown sugar, in addition to an egg.
  • After breaking the egg, we include the rest of the ingredients and mix them well with a fork until creating a thick mass.
  • We apply the mixture on our face, avoiding contact with the eyes and mouth.
  • We leave the coffee mask on the face for 10 minutes.
  • We rinse the skin well with lukewarm water and apply moisturizer at the end to give an extra dose of softness to our skin.

4. The anti-inflammatory power of coffee helps eliminate acne

No matter how hard we try, we can't eliminate blackheads from our faces? If you have tried everything but have not made any progress, we recommend that you discover the benefits of coffee for a face with acne.

Diet, stress, lack of skincare, or the accumulation of bacteria are just some of the most frequent causes of the appearance of the dreaded pimples in both adolescents and adults.

Thanks to its function as an anti-inflammatory, together with its exfoliating power, coffee for acne becomes an effective treatment.

How to use coffee to fight acne?

  • We recommend making the coffee mask indicated in point 3 at most once a week.
  • It is important to always clean our skin with warm water at the end of the process.
  • We hydrate our skin and introduce a higher intake of fruits and vegetables into our diet, in addition to exercising regularly.

5. Use coffee as a natural bronzer

Among the many natural uses of coffee as a beauty, treatment is to become the perfect product to tan our skin.

Below, we will give some keys to create our own coffee-based bronzer, but first, let us tell you another good thing about this product.

Did you know that coffee reduces damage from UV rays? Caffeine works by blocking the damaging effects of the sun when we apply it to the skin.

For this reason, it is highly recommended to use coffee both before and after exposure to reduce excess heat from the skin after sun exposure.

How to make a bronzer with coffee?

  • We are looking for a spray bottle, 2 tablespoons of almond oil for the skin, 2 cups of used coffee, and 10 drops of essential oil with an aroma of orange, coconut, or vanilla (the one we like best to reduce the smell of coffee).
  • We mix all the ingredients and put them in the spray container.
  • We use it on the skin after applying sunscreen.
  • The effect of natural coffee bronzer will be gradual.