How to make coffee with a hand blender?

Coffee dates, working away in a café while having that perfect frothy cup of joe and getting lost in an interesting romantic novel with a coffee cup in one hand are just some of my little joys in life. In fact, if you are a coffee lover like me, then surely these are yours too!

Now if I told you that you can get this cafe acute experiences at home, you would say I have gone loco. But because of the latest Dalgona coffee trend, I discovered that you can make some of your favorite signature coffees in your kitchen easily.

So, today I will show you how to make coffee with a hand blender so that you can get your caffeine fix without even leaving your house.

Instant Coffee does not mean Bad coffee

To make coffee with a hand blender you have to use instant coffee. Coffee enthusiasts will tell you that experts advise staying clear from instant coffee. However, this is not completely true. If you know how to select the right kind of instant coffee powder, then making a perfect cup of coffee with it will not seem like a bad decision.

The biggest factors when it comes to the taste of instant coffee are the type of bean, the type of drying process and the percentage of coffee beans present:

  • Types of Beans used

Mainly, Arabica and Robusta beans are used to make instant coffee. Where Robusta beans contain bitter and earthy flavor, Arabica has sweet flavor notes. So, while selecting instant coffee, make sure you are selecting the type that suits your palate.

  • Type of Drying process

The two most common types of drying processes are freeze-drying and spray drying. In freeze-drying, the coffee extract is first frozen and then the ice is immediately changed to steam (liquid sublimation) to make instant coffee powder. Spray drying involves using hot air in order to evaporate the water from the coffee beans. Comparatively, in the freeze-drying process, the beans are able to retain their natural flavor. Thus, when selecting an instant coffee power, make sure it as gone through freeze-drying process.

  • Role of Chicory

Most experts suggest using coffee beans as most instant coffee powders contain a certain percentage of Chicory. Chicory root is roasted, minced and then added to the coffee to create the final product. It contains manganese, Vitamin B6, inulin and prebiotic fiber. It is known to improve gut health and aids in weight loss. If you want to enjoy the real taste of coffee then either you can select an instant coffee brand that adds less amount of chicory or is made with 100% coffee beans.

Invest in a high-quality hand blender

high quality hand blender

While researching how to make coffee with a hand blender, I understood that my ancient hand blender won't be able to produce a great cup of coffee. Besides the best ingredients, you need to have a good hand blender as well.

So, while shopping for a hand blender, do make sure that it offers various speed options, a motor capacity of 250-500 watts and comes with a warranty and/or guarantee. Try to invest in a high-quality yet affordable hand blender that is comfortable to use to get the best result every time.

Tricks for a Perfect cup of Coffee with a hand blender

It is actually very easy to make coffee with the help of a hand blender. In fact, once you get the hang of it, it will be your go-to way to make coffee. Once you know the correct temperature of water to use and the correct milk to water ratio, making a perfect cup will definitely become easy-peasy!

  • Water

Please do not put all your trust in your tap water and make coffee with it. "But I will be boiling it" - Before you have this thought in mind, do understand that the quality of tap water will vary from one place to another. It can have a lot of calcium in it, it can be hard or soft, and may have some chemicals added to it. Thus, tap water affects the taste of the coffee. It will be best to use filter water to bring out the optimal flavors.

Similarly, do not use water that has been sitting in your electric or traditional kettle for a long time. Always make coffee with fresh water.

Now for the biggest shocker - Do not, I repeat, do not use boiling water! Compared to tea, instant coffee is more fickle. The right temperature of the water to use should be 90 to 95 degrees Celsius. With boiling water, there is a chance of scolding the instant coffee powder which results in bitter-tasting coffee.

  • Milk

One of my favorite books to read while enjoying a cup of coffee is "Milk and Honey" and I prefer milk and honey in my coffee too. If you too love to add milk, then to have the perfect cup of coffee with it will be best to warm up the milk and/or cream before adding it to your cup. It can improve the taste tremendously.

When having coffee with milk, make sure to add less amount of water to it to get a more tasty and full-body concoction. Commonly, most instant coffee powder manufacture instructs its customer to add around 10 ounces of water. When having the coffee with milk, then you need to add around 4 ounces of milk and 6 ounces of water for the perfect cup.

  • Sugar/Sweetener

If you love your coffee on the sweeter side, then it will be best to first dissolve the sugar or sweetener with just 1 tablespoon of cold or lukewarm water before adding hot milk and water. This will make sure that your coffee tastes richer and smoother.

How to make coffee with Hand Blender

pouring black coffee on blender

So, first put your sugar/sweetener and mix it with cold water using the blender on a low setting. After that add the instant coffee powder and mix well using the blender on medium to high setting (depending on the type of coffee recipe you are trying).

If you are not a fan of sweetener, then add coffee and 1 tablespoon of cold water first, and then use the hand blender on medium to high settings to make a cuppa.

The viral sensation Dalgona coffee will need high speed while well-loved coffee recipes like cappuccino or latte will require the blender to be in medium setting. Now pour hot water and milk. It should have the right temperature and it should be in the milk to water ratio to enjoy café-like coffee at home without any expensive machine but only with the help of a hand blender.