Should I Drink Coffee On a Plane?

I am a coffee buff. Whether it is an exclusive gourmet coffee or regular espresso, I often like to sample them all. Needless to say, when I'm traveling as well, I want to consume coffee on the go. However, just like many other travelers, a few years back, I was also confused with the question, should I drink coffee on a plane?

This led me to research if it was a good idea to do so or not. I will share with you not only what I follow and what made me take that decision.

Should I drink coffee on a plane?

In all likelihood, the answer is no. No matter how much you like coffee, it is a good idea to avoid drinking coffee on a plane. Here are some reasons why.

Low quality of water

Have you heard horror stories about the quality of water on a plane?

Before brushing them off as a myth, it is better to dig deeper. That is what I did. On researching further, I found out that the myths about the quality of water in the plane not being up to the mark are true. According to a government research report, the bacteria level in the airplane water is often on the higher side.

There are a few reasons for this. Some of these reasons include:

1. The frequency of cleaning:

Whether you look at the water jugs or the kettle, those are cleaned only once a day. Sometimes, the frequency goes even lower than that. It is one of the reasons why the bacteria level is on the higher side.

2. Different quality and purity of water:

You do not know where the plane gets its drinking water. It can be from a developing nation where the hygiene standards are on the lower side. Once the water is stocked up, it might be used for subsequent flights as well. That is another reason why the bacteria levels are on the higher side.

Due to both of these reasons, it is advisable to avoid drinking coffee on a plane.

It becomes tasteless

black coffee on plane near in window

Do you like the taste of your regular coffee?

If yes, you would surely be disappointed when you drink coffee on a plane. The taste is not the same. The coffee served in the flight often consists of ready-made coffee bags that you need to dip the water with added milk powder. That is why the taste is less desirable. If you're used to gourmet coffee experience, it can seem tasteless.

It can cause dehydration

The dehydration problem does not affect all the people. However, if you are a regular water drinker, drinking coffee on a plane can undoubtedly dehydrate you at a faster pace. The good news is that the solution to this problem is pretty simple. On the day of the journey, you have to keep a close watch on your water intake. You have to take all measures to ensure that you do not go dehydrated. Once you do so, this problem would not be prevalent.

These are the main reasons why you shouldn't drink coffee on a plane.

However, if you're a coffee lover like me, these reasons would not cut it out for you. You would surely be yearning to find a solution to the same question.

Do not worry! I will share with you solutions to these problems as well. Apart from keeping yourself hydrated, the solutions to the first two problems are highlighted below.

Bring heated water

bottled water holding by hand

One of the best options is to bring heated water with you in a flask on the plane. You might be thinking, how can you do so?

Once you proceed through the security clearance and in the check-in area of the airport, you can pay the vendor or kiosk to provide you with warm water. Most likely, if you're willing to pay for heated water, they would certainly help you with the same.

It would be best if you carried a thermos or a flask with which can keep the water warm for an hour or two. It will ensure that you need not rely on the bacteria-rich water in the airplane. You will have to ask for some coffee sachets from the air hostess in the flight.

I'm sure; you might be wondering why not just buy a bottle of water and ask the air hostess to heat it for you. Well, this is not what will work.

It is because they wouldn't heat your water!

Ironically, the hygiene standards in the plane are pretty stringent that prevent air hostesses from heating water from a source other than the official source approved by the authorities. That is why; they will not heat the water that you bring on board.

To avoid this problem, the best solution is to bring heated water with you.

Buy the coffee from the airport stores

If you want to have a hassle-free coffee experience on the plane, the best thing is to board near the gate closing time and buy the coffee before that. There are many cafes as well as vendors in the check-in area of most major airports around the world. That is why; grabbing a coffee before boarding a plane would not be a difficult task.

Sure enough, you cannot have it 2 hours into the flight, but you can have it at the start. It will ensure that you have your favorite beverage right at the beginning of your journey and have a relaxed flight.

Carry everything with you

If you're a gourmet coffee lover or prefer only specialty coffee, then this solution will be suitable for you. However, it needs more effort on your part. You have to do everything you did in the first step.

Rather than relying on the airlines for the coffee sachets, you can bring your sachets of gourmet coffee as well. You will have to rely on the air hostess for a cup to brew your delicious coffee. It is mainly the option I prefer when flying away from home.