The Benefits of Drinking Coffee All Day

I am not sure when I actually had my first cup of coffee in my existence here on earth, although I do know it has grown into an adult security blanket for me.

I enjoy walking around with that adult security blanket. A warm cup of caffeinated refuge is a pleasant way to attend to the world and enter into the present moment. I'd be lying if I said at some point I had not experienced sleep issues, but, just be mindful of your sleeping patterns and if they connect to the time of day you consume your last cup of glory, make an adjustment and carry onward. With that said, I'd like to talk about all the benefits that coffee can have.

Come into the Present Moment

The first of many benefits is that it acts as a gateway to the present moment. When you drink coffee you don't discover the urge to go for a run, on the contrary, you seek to sit and take in the moment. It becomes a reflective opportunity to be with yourself. That's quite the holistic thing to take advantage of with life can have its way with you to the point where you've lost yourself to constant errands and deadlines.

Have your moment. Sit reflect. Find peace, or work on finding peace if you are coming off of weeks and months of running rampant. The more coffee you have, the more opportunity granted to find a moment to sit and reflect.

A Welcome Distraction

lady not focused in her study

Another benefit of coffee all day is it offers its holder a distraction from uncomfortable situations. While coffee can invite you to take a moment towards discovering inner peace, it also can offer you a distraction from moments where your inner peace is about to be snatched from you. Something to hold in your hand all the day long while facing tough conversations can help you to not be fully there, should you choose it.

I would much rather have a weird conversation holding a cup of coffee than one where I am just standing there with eye contact. Why is this so? I'm not exactly sure. Perhaps it's like a fidget spinner for adults in adult situations. Or, perhaps a reference back to coffee as an adult security blanket is more proper.

Fight diabetes and depression

A benefit of coffee is that it helps to fight diabetes and depression. Coffee makes people happy, apparently in a very literal way. Bottom line, I attest to this statement as one of the joy's of waking up in the morning I grabbing a cup of coffee. One of joys at any point in the day is also grabbing a fresh cup of coffee.

According to a study conducted by Harvard School of Public Health, coffee can help people become more positive in life. Harvard concluded there existed a link between coffee and lower suicide rates. How much exactly? Brace yourself. Drinking two to four cups of coffee daily can decrease the odds of suicide by 50%. Coffee was shown to produce the same effects as mild antidepressants. These results were published in the world journal of Biological Psychology. Coffee is capable of tapping into almost every known reward system in the brain.

Further health benefits

Yet, the buck doesn't stop there. Researchers can now say with confidence that six or more cups of coffee a day decreases your risk of Parkinson's disease by approximately 40 percent and your risk of Alzheimer's disease by approximately 20 percent in controlled trials. Praise Ra and Namaste' to that!

A Canadian study found that particularly indulging in a dark roast coffee was most beneficial to this goodness. Don't worry, if the caffeinated coffee keeps you awake so you taper off after the morning, dark roast decaffeinated coffees offer the exact same benefit. There are indeed components within coffee that are beneficial to warding off cognitive decline. This isn't to be confused with calling coffee the cure, though.

Great for ladies and gentlemen

couple having chat time with coffee

One Iowa Women's Health study tracking 27,000 women over 15 years found that the risk of cardiovascular disease dropped by 24 percent among those who drank one to three cups of coffee a day. Other research shows coffee can help ward off uterine and breast cancer in women and slash the risk of liver cancer.

This is fantastic news for the ladies, but how about the gents? Coffee consumption as the effect of a 42 percent lesser risk of having erectile dysfunction. according to Dr. David Lope of the University of Texas Health and Science Center. Wonderful. This is conceptualized by the caffeine that triggers a series of pharmacological effects. These effects lead to the relaxation of arteries and smooth muscles throughout the penis, thus increasing blood flow through the penis, and taadaa! It should be caveated that coffee does not serve as a magic pill, it is an aid that can't secure a cure for you.

A natural pre-workout drink

Due to the fact that caffeine stimulates your nervous system, it is a wonderful way to prep for your morning workouts or those after work fitness routines. After work it is crucial to find a way to perk yourself up so you don't wind up choosing to sit on the couch for several hours instead and bypassing your evening workout. Coffee is a great option rather than consuming a pre-workout powder or energy drink.

First of all, the sugar consumption is way less for a cup of black coffee. Second of all, the energy drinks and pre-workouts house a ton of extra ingredients within them that might leave you sleepless for a while. They in fact will fire you up for your workout per their intent, however, that fire just might continue to burn into your sleeping hours.