What Happens When You Don’t Drink Coffee For A Week

Drinking coffee every day has several benefits for your body. Studies indicate that coffee is among the most preferred beverages by many people.

One of the reasons why many people love drinking coffee is because of the many benefits that coffee can offer. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the main things that can happen in your body when you stop taking coffee. Therefore if you are among the people who have been asking; what happens when you don't drink coffee for a week?

Those who quit consuming coffee have reported a variety of side effects. Some of those side effects include dizziness, depression, mood swings, anxiety, sluggishness, and many more.

There are high chances of experiencing the earlier mentioned side effects if you stop drinking coffee. According to various studies, the following happens when you do not drink coffee for a week.

Experience frequent headaches

Every coffee lover has ever experienced a persistent headache after failing to drink coffee in the morning. Speaking of experience, I would rather miss my favorite meal than fail to drink a cup of coffee every day.

This is because I understand the type of headache that will be awaiting after a short time. Therefore the first thing that will happen to you if you do not drink a coffee is that you will experience a frequent headache every day.

The cause of the headache is because your body will not have adrenaline and dopamine. The two mentioned hormones serve as a natural stimulant that makes you stay awake. When those two hormones lack from your body, you will experience a frequent headache.

Reduced performance

tired woman spilled a coffee

Drinking coffee makes one remain active for a long time. That is because the coffee helps in stimulating the nervous system. When the nervous system is stimulated, there is an improved breakdown of fat cells. Also, the coffee increases the level of epinephrine in your blood for the most exceptional performance. Therefore by failing to drink coffee for one week, the above-listed functions will not work effectively. That is because there is no caffeine to stimulate the nervous system or improve the adrenaline levels. Hence to avoid such an effect, there must be the presence of caffeine in your body.

You may lose weight

According to a study published in public health journals in the year 2017, it is clear that if you do not drink coffee for one week, you will lose some calories. One of the essential things you need to know here is that depending on the ingredient added to coffee; you may lose weight.

So if you are on some diet program to help you gain weight, by failing to drink coffee for one week, you will not be able to achieve your weight gain goals. Thus by not consuming coffee that has additional sweeteners for one week can make you lose weight.

Experience Increased cravings

When you do not drink coffee for one week, various things will happen in series. That means you will experience one thing after the other. On the first day, you will experience an intense craving for a cup of coffee, the second day you will crave caffeine and may have some excess sleepiness. Therefore due to increased craving, there are high chances of eating junk food that could lead to severe side effects on your body.

A prolonged period of inactivity

Do you need to stay active for a long time? Then you need to know that taking a cup of coffee can help you to become even more active. One of the causes of being proactive is because of improved energy levels. Therefore if you do not drink coffee for one week, you will experience some kind of tiredness, which will make you inactive. Most of the time, I use coffee to make me stay active when doing my freelancing jobs. Through it, I can serve very many clients, whether during the day or at night. Hence by not drinking coffee for one week, you will be inactive most of the time.

Frequent sickness

woman not feeling well

Another thing that happens when you do not drink coffee for a week is experiencing various conditions. That is because you will be missing essential antioxidants that help in fighting some diseases. Some of the crucial nutrients that you will lack are such as riboflavin, potassium, manganese, magnesium, niacin pantothenic, and many more. The nutrients, as mentioned above, are essential in protecting your body from some conditions. According to studies, if you stop using coffee, there are chances of triggering some diseases such as Alzheimer which causes dementia. Therefore by not drinking coffee for one week, you will miss some essential body nutrients and antioxidants.

Reduced concentration

Having coffee every day improves levels of concentration. That is because the caffeine from the coffee is absorbed in the bloodstream and travels to the brain. When the caffeine reaches your mind, it stimulates the neurotransmitters, which leads to improved firing of neutrons. Thus by avoiding coffee for one week, you will have reduced concentration, low energy levels, and slow mental functioning.

Experience digestion problems

Do you know having a cup of coffee every day improves digestion? It is essential to understand that the presence of caffeine in your bloodstream helps in keeping everything moving well in the intestines. So if you need to avoid constipation and other digestion issues after you stop drinking coffee for a week, then you need to eat a lot of foods rich in fiber.

You may become prone to severe conditions

Finally, there are some other critical conditions that you may trigger by failing to drink coffee for one week. Studies show that drinking coffee every day helps in preventing conditions such as type two diabetes, cancer, Parkinson’s disease, liver disease, depression, and many more. Therefore by avoiding drinking coffee, there are high chances of triggering the conditions mentioned above.