What is the Difference Between Filter and Instant Coffee

Coffee is one of the healthiest beverages you can drink. It is low in calories, improves cognitive functions and alertness and it is full of antioxidants. However, when it comes to choosing between the filter and instant coffee, most people are still undecided.

There are baristas who believe that instant coffee is anathema, a brew for fools merely posing as coffee. The list of instant coffee defenders is shorter. For the record, instant coffee is coffee; it is the coffee that has been brewed into a concentrate. The factory process involves freeze-drying or a quick-drying process to extract powdered coffee.

There are critical differences between the two coffee types. The raw materials used, skills, flavor, and cost for the types of beans are different.

The History of Filter and Instant Coffee

Filter Coffee

Coffee has been there for several centuries now, leading back in Ethiopia to the 9th century. It is said that Kaldi, an Ethiopian herdsman discovered the coffee tree. He came across the coffee tree as he was herding his goat.

When his goat saw the tree, it ran off thinking it was berries and attempted to eat it. The herdsman saw that his goat was eating the coffee berries and felt that they were poisonous. Curious as to what his goat was consuming, the herdsman tried eating a berry and realized that it had a strong taste.

Coffee has always had a strong taste. He picks a coffee berry and brings it with him to his village. Kaldi shared it with his family and friends. People would consume the beans as a snack when looking for a new strong taste.

With time, people learned how to grind and use the coffee beans to make a liquid, creating a beverage. Several years later, traders took the coffee beans with them from Ethiopia to their respective nations. The traders grew their coffee trees using the seeds that they had carried with them from Ethiopia.

They began boiling the beans to form gawah, a potent drink. The seeds also reached the Turks, who started adding their spices such as cloves, cardamom, and cinnamon. The first filter coffee was invented in 1908 by Melitta Bentz, a German housewife. She needed to eliminate the bitter taste in coffee as a result of boiling ground coffee. She used linen to brew coffee.

Instant coffee

The first instant coffee was invented in 1771 in England by John Dring. This is according to the Oxford Companion to American Food and Drink. However, instant coffee was produced in plenty until 1910.

There is no record to how he successfully made his product back then. George Washington, a businessman who is Belgium-American, founded the first mass-made instant coffee in 1909. In 1910, he also invented the New-York-based G. Washington Coffee Company to produce and sell his newly discovered product. The firm became a critical supplier to the military during World War I. This was because the soldiers desired to take their instant coffee to the war field.

The product of instant coffee became popular during World War I. This made the American soldiers refer to their coffee as 'a cup of George.' During World War I, the Navy's secretary, Josephus Daniels, began banning alcohol on the soldiers' ships. This was for purposes of creating higher moral values for the soldiers.

As a result of this, the soldiers were forced to take more coffee instead of drinking alcohol. Out of anger, the sailors decided to name the drink ‘cup of Joe,' after the secretary.

What is the Difference between Filter and Instant Coffee?

bean and filtered coffee

Generally, filter coffee is coffee seeds that have already been roasted and ground. It is to be used in coffee making machines which filter coffee.

This freshly produced coffee has a variety of qualities not found in instant coffee such as more distinct and sweeter flavors. On the other hand, instant coffee is usually a coffee that has already been made and is dried (often via freezing) into a state free from water. Therefore, we only need to add water and get a coffee drink.

Instant coffee dissolves in water. This makes it the most convenient since it easily disappears in a cup after being stirred in. Filter coffee is already ground and still requires a filter when making it because it does not dissolve in water. When roasting coffee, some of the smaller portions of the beans get burnt, while others disintegrate.

Making instant coffee is simple-you add hot water to the already already-measured granules into a cup. If you are in a hurry, instant coffee is for you since it will save the day by providing you with the caffeine to boost your day. Instant coffee doesn't need any learning. As for filter coffee, you will take a couple of minutes preparing it as the drink drips into your cup. Filter coffee requires the right coffee maker. Different coffee makers have varying requirements and thus, a different coffee experience.

Coffee comes with several health benefits. However, different coffee types have varying degrees of health benefits. Despite the flavor differences, both drinks have similar antioxidant count. The only difference comes in the caffeine content, where filter coffee has about twice the caffeine content instant coffee has.

Most individuals who have drunk a freshly made filter coffee always love the taste quality, flavor, and caffeine effects, over instant coffee. You can let instant coffee become your backup drink, in case the fresh one runs out.

However, it always has a woody taste and not as satisfying in terms of its caffeine hit. There are several coffees available in the market today, including those with different flavors. Coffee grinds can be seen at the bottom of the cup and not much difference in flavor. People have been complaining about the flavor of instant coffee; however, things are changing as instant coffee is upgrading by coming up with new varieties.

The new types using higher quality beans available include organic free dried instant coffee, where 100% of the sophisticated taste of the beans are preserved.