When We Should Drink A Coffee

Drinking your coffee at the right time is an essential thing. That is because it helps in ensuring the coffee provides you with its full benefits. Many coffee lovers are unable to benefit from the health boons of this beverage because they are drinking it at the wrong time.

The coffee works by providing your body with all the essential antioxidants and other compounds present for maximum body health. In this article, we have researched for you the best time when we should drink a coffee for maximum benefits.

By taking coffee at the best time, your body will be able to repair your DNA, calm down stress and other related inflammations, and regulate both glucose and insulin levels, and many more. One amazing fact indicates that coffee lovers live longer as compared to the people who drink other beverages.

The essential thing you need to know about when to drink a coffee

According to the tips from experts, the best time to drink coffee should be when the body has low levels of cortisol. Cortisol is also known as the stress hormone. When your body has high levels of the stress hormone, you become alert.

You need to avoid drinking coffee when your body has high levels of stress hormone. According to studies, your stress hormone levels are high from 8 am to 9 am, from 12 pm to 1 pm and from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm. The production of stress hormones starts after one has woken up. Therefore it is recommended to avoid coffee early in the morning since the cortisol levels are high.

What happens when you drink coffee when the cortisol levels are high?

Drinking coffee when your body is producing high cortisol levels makes your body to have more energy, be alert, and become over-reliance. Therefore if you need to control the levels of stress hormone in your body, you can consider avoiding it when your body has high cortisol levels.

When do you need to drink coffee when the cortisol level is high?

cup of coffee with small people climbing

There are various conditions when you may need high levels of stress hormone. Some of those situations need your body to high energy levels. Thus, below are some of the time when you need to offer your body with a high cortisol level. They include;

After or during a workout program

If you are from your workout program, it is essential to drink coffee. That is because the levels of the stress hormone are low. That is why many people prefer sleeping after a tough workout. After you have done a tiresome job or exercise, you can have a quality sleep since the levels of cortisol are low.

When those levels are deficient, one may fall asleep at any time. Also, if you need to improve endurance during your workout, then it is essential to consider drinking a coffee at that time. That is because you will increase the levels of stress hormone to help you stay alert for a long time.

When you need to be more alert

Sometimes you may have some more work to do in your office or at home. Thus if you have not had enough sleep for previous days, it might be tough for you to concentrate on your work. So, you can drink coffee at that time to make you stay more alert.

Although I am not an early riser, most of the time, I sleep late, especially when I get various works for my clients. Coffee has been one of my closest friends to help me concentrate on such jobs even when it's late at night. Thus you will have improved concentration and alertness.

During competition

Are you planning to attend a particular event where you will need more energy? Then drinking the coffee before you start can help you. That is because the coffee will provide you with a stimulant that allows one to become proactive for a long time.

Drinking coffee some minutes before you start your competition, such as running, allows caffeine to get absorbed in your bloodstream. The caffeine in the blood travels to bring and activate the production of dopamine. Therefore finally, you will have improved energy levels that can sustain you during your competition period.

Which is the best time to drink coffee?

Having known some of the periods that your stress hormones are high, now let us answer our question about the best time to drink coffee. According to studies done by miller, it is clear that the best time to drink coffee is after the peak levels of cortisol. So the most appropriate time to drink coffee is from 9 am to 11:30 am and between 1 pm to 5 pm. The two mentioned periods are among the best times to drink coffee.

Is it worth drinking coffee before you sleep?

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People who need to sleep as soon as they get into their bed should avoid drinking coffee at night since it may affect melatonin production. Melatonin is a hormone responsible for falling asleep and waking up. So if you need to sleep quickly, it is not recommended to drink coffee at that time. A particular study shows that drinking coffee 6 hours before you sleep can reduce your one hour sleep. Therefore with the above-discussed information, you can consider several things before drinking the coffee.

Signs of coffee over-reliance

Studies show that many people depend on coffee for their daily routines. That means without taking a cup of coffee daily; their day will not be good.

Thus you need to know that caffeine will have different effects on different people. In case you realize some unique signs, you need to know that there is nothing wrong. For instance, some people can drink coffee and still sleep immediately.

Depending on the symptoms that you experience, you can know if the coffee has any effects on you. For the people who do not feel any effects after using coffee, there are high chances that they drank coffee when the cortisol level was little. Therefore you cannot notice any change.

Why does coffee affect me so much?

Since the caffeine might act differently on other people, some factors might contribute to the high effects of caffeine. Some of those factors are ;

  • Excess coffee consumption

  • Drinking coffee at the wrong time

  • Using the wrong coffee gene.