Why Coffee Has No Effect On Me

You are in the middle of the night doing a very important essay for tomorrow, or you're finishing a job presentation when out of nowhere your battery levels go down, so you decide to make a cup of coffee because that's what everyone does. One hour has passed, you're still tired, you haven't finished your work and the coffee didn't do anything at all.

Does this scenario sound familiar to you?

It turns out that you're not alone! If you've ever wondered why coffee has no effect on me, then you've come to the right place.

What Should I Expect From Coffee?

Some people have a wrong idea about what coffee really does. I know you've heard other people talk about coffee like it's freaking meth, a font of never ending stamina and youth. Well don't bite into that, because that's not how coffee really works.

Coffee, or caffeine is not supposed to restore you from your drowsy state of mind. All it does is prevent your brain from reaching that state. So if you are already exhausted after a long day, or you want to go to bed in the middle of the day because you had a bad night, then coffee might not do anything.

So maybe you have high expectations on caffeine and its magical effects, or it may be that coffee has a different effect on you than it has on other people.

Why Does Coffee Have No Effect On Me?

lady holding a coffee with no reaction in her face

Many people experience different effects under coffee. To some people, coffee it's that light spark they need to start a new day; to others, it's an anxiety inducer that makes them jumpy and agitated; but for others, coffee has the same effect on them as a glass of warm water; it does nothing.

There are many factors behind this. Many people have studied the effects of coffee on people, and they've come with different conclusions to help us out.

Genetic Factors

It turns out that your genes play a major role in your caffeine tolerance. I want to illustrate to you how and why this happens. Caffeine enters into your blood after passing through your intestines, while caffeine is in your body it encounters different receptors in your brain, and the number of caffeine receptors depends entirely on your genes.

Another moment where your genes play a role is when caffeine enters your liver to be metabolized. There is a party of enzymes in your liver designed to tackle different substances. There is an enzyme called CYP1A2 that is the one responsible for metabolizing caffeine, and some people just don't produce enough of this enzyme to metabolize coffee quickly.

Yes! Genetics plays a key role in your tolerance to caffeine. One good side of not having the "caffeine gene" is that you can enjoy a good cup of coffee late at night without fearing that it will ruin your night.

Yet there are other factors that make caffeine affect you differently.

Diet Factors

There are factors that have to do with what you eat and drink that might explain why coffee's effects are low on you. Maybe you don't have the "caffeine gene," but you can still get a small grip of energy if you don't drink coffee every day.

When you drink coffee every day, your body becomes used to it. Kind of like what happens to drug users, the more caffeine you get, the more tolerant to it, you become. This is why also some people develop headaches when they don't drink coffee for too long, their bodies have learned to accept caffeine, and now that is gone, they need it.

But also everything you eat affects how substances are metabolized inside you. Liquids, foods, medicines, and others. Some enzymes metabolize different substances, so they go in order, and they don't metabolize a substance until they finish with the first one.

Believe it or not, smoking cigarettes increases the rate in which caffeine gets metabolized, that helps explain why some smokers drink a lot of coffee more often.

What Can I Do To Feel More Energized Without Drinking Coffee?

woman with full of energy

Well, there are certainly other things you can do to feel that energy that coffee might not be giving you. After all, that's what you really want. We can all agree that coffee's good taste is something we can all enjoy, but when it comes to the rush, well maybe not everyone has that, so here are some alternatives for you.


One great way to boost you and to give you the energy you need is to do exercise. A session from twenty or thirty minutes will be just enough to get you started with the energy levels. You can do cardio or other types of exercise, it's really up to you.

Drink Water

Yes, water. We mean a lot of water. Drink a glass of cold water when you wake up and keep drinking water throughout the day to keep yourself hydrated and active as the day goes by.

Eat Protein

When you make your breakfast, you have to consider that this is the meal that will get your day started. Pay attention to what you put in your plate, eating carbs and sugar at breakfast can actually make you feel a little heavy. Switch the carbs for protein and you will see that you will get less tired during the day.

Make Some Tea

You can believe me or not, but tea contains caffeine. That is because caffeine is naturally produced by plants. Caffeine levels in tea may not be as big as in coffee, but it is worth giving a try after your failed coffee attempts.

Everyone has an opinion when it comes to coffee. Some people love it, others hate, and others don't really care about it, you could say that humanity has a love/hate relationship when it comes to coffee's taste, preparation, and effects.

Yet one thing is for sure, even if coffee's effects are low on you, you can still prepare yourself a cup of coffee, grab a book, lay back and enjoy the warm taste in your mouth.

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