Why Coffee is a Good First Date

Want to grab some coffee sometime? This is one of the most popular opening lines for many people out in the dating world.

This is regarded as a solid strategy for a first-date. So, why is coffee a good first date? What makes coffee a prominent thing besides drinks, dinner, or attending events?

It is very important to find a good place for your first date. That is because such places will determine the next date. A place where you can drink coffee is an ideal one and may mark the beginning of a new relationship.

Is coffee a good first date?

Is coffee perfect for a first date? When you invite someone for a coffee, it appears to be an invitation for a friendly conversation. It is pretty easy to get to know someone when you ask them for coffee.

However, you may feel that this is just a date, and it can be unsuccessful. No one will feel the tension. What will happen then? In such scenarios, you will get another friend with whom nothing worked out, as of now.

But, to be on the bright side, you can always try once more again in the days to come. Or, relax and hang out together. A cup of amazing coffee will ignite a sense of good feeling amongst both of you. Who knows, it may improve your relationship.

Why is coffee a good first date?

As it turns out, there are a handful of good reasons why you may want to do what other people have done on their first date. It’s time for you to embrace the idea of having coffee with your first-time date.

A lot can be learned about a person over coffee. When you are up for a coffee date, you will see exactly how a person reacts in a real-life, casual scenario. You can get a glimpse of how your date remains patient when there is a long queue. Or, how they react in public to any stimuli.

Manners are another important aspect you will get to notice. Manners reflect the easy-going personality of a person, and it can’t be faked at all times. Words such as thanks and please indicate that a person is gentle and polite. Basically, it is all about understanding a piece of someone’s character.

Coffee is the best thing to have a great conversation . Imagine sitting is a small round table, and sipping the hot beverage. What else can you do other than chatting? Simply nothing. And, that’s what makes coffee the ideal thing for a first date.

On a quest to know a person better, a first date serves as the perfect spot. So, it’s time to get beyond the constraints by which you met, such as through a friend, an app, or online and find out whether it will create a second opportunity to meet the person.

When you grab a coffee, you will discover more things about a person than any other form of traditional first dating.

Coffee is cheap

credit card, receipt and coffee

There is no question that coffee is inexpensive. What happens on a first date? Two persons who don’t know a thing about each other meet for the first time. Therefore, it isn’t necessary to spend lavishly on a first date.

If you think from another angle, a first date should be all about fun, and it can be done with a low investment. Even when you visit a top class coffee shop, you will be spending about $20, and not more than that. Be smart about it, and consider to spend little on the first date.

Coffee is good for you

Having a coffee is a really good thing for you. You may have heard that coffee can cure many ailments. Some studies have shown that consuming at least two cups of coffee daily lowers the risk of having liver cirrhosis by 44%. The study was conducted on over 430,000 participants.

Cirrhosis is a liver disease that isn’t curable. It is the result of the extreme consumption of alcohol. Hence, when you grab a cup of coffee you are doing something great for your body. At least it may undo the things that you have done to your liver the previous evening.

Coffee is a mild stimulant

Coffee keeps you clear-headed. Or, you may interpret it is a slight buzz. However, this has many benefits. Do you become too honest when drunk? Do you share everything? Do you say things that you aren’t meant to say, or do silly things when drunk?

Simply by choosing coffee over cocktails, you can end the night with a good note. There is no need to unearth things that have no reason to become a part of your first date. Breaking up with your ex a few weeks before holds will be a disaster. Overconsumption of alcohol can further hamper your driving skills.

Coffee is quick

serving coffee

Not feeling the date? You can get out easily. What happens when you anticipate a thing later to find out the exact opposite. You are not alone. It occurs all the time. A similar situation may arise while you are on your first date.

Hate the meeting? Not an issue anymore. It won’t take much time to finish a cup of coffee. Now, the bonus part. Once you have found out you don’t like them within a few moments, order a small! When you aren’t feeling anything, finish the coffee, tell them you’re done, and leave the place.

Coffee is casual

There is no need to suit up for a coffee. You can head over straight to the desired coffee shop after work. Enjoy coffee with your potential match. Just sit back with the warm beverage. Engage in some good conversation.

Coffee improves attention span

It is always favorable to order coffee when you are on your first date. Unlike alcohol, coffee will make you more attentive. Careful attention will mean that you are having a constructive conversation. It provides additional energy and gives you strength.