Why Coffee is Better than Energy Drinks

Many people think that coffee is just a central nervous system stimulant that keeps us awake. If it were only for this reason, then most energy drinks could still outweigh the use of coffee.

Although coffee and soft drinks have been associated with the same level of stimulation, I believe that there is more than meets the mouth with coffee. Coffee is a natural drink that is not only perceived as tasty but also energizing.

The significant research that has been done on coffee has led to the establishment of many health benefits associated with it and the reasons why coffee is better than energy drinks.

Coffee vs. energy drinks

holding energy drink

Energy drinks contain tons of ingredients such as guarana, ginseng, B vitamins and sugars not found in coffee. We may wonder why then coffee is better? The answer is, research has found out that these ingredients have side effects in our bodies and that they do not necessarily increase the amount of energy our bodies.

We should be on the lookout since most energy drinks sellers only make health claims about energy to increase their sales.

Studies have shown the following adverse effects of energy drinks ingredients not found in coffee:

Guarana and Ginseng

These ingredients are safe when used solely, but when combined with sugars in energy drinks, they are harmful. The problems related to these ingredients include headache, high blood pressure and, to the worst, kidney failure.

Excess Sugars- With coffee, we can regulate the number of sugars we consume. Energy drinks contain high amounts of fructose corn syrup. A high amount of sugars can lead to unwanted weight gain, diabetes type 2 and tooth decay.

Excess Taurine

Although less is known about their long term effects, excess Taurine in energy drinks can cause low blood pressure.

Excess B vitamins

Some energy drinks contain snowballing levels of B3 and B6 vitamins. I support the benefits of optimum consumption of these vitamins, but many energy drinks companies are adding an excess of these vitamins in energy drinks. The harmful health effects of B vitamins include liver toxicity, skin damage, and gastrointestinal problems.


Antioxidants are vitamins and minerals that quench radicals in our bodies. Both coffee and energy drinks have antioxidants. Since coffee is made from natural coffee beans, its antioxidants can be considered as natural and safer. The problem with antioxidants in energy drinks is that they can lead to tissue toxicity and cytotoxicity if consumed in excess.

The control over these ingredients that coffee offers, is what makes it better than the energy drinks we buy in beverage shops.

The dosage

I consider coffee as a social drink that is taken when people are having a deep conversation, such as in dating. On the other hand, I can describe energy drinks as beverages that people acquire when they want an instant burst of energy.

The dose of coffee is, therefore, a long span, while that of energy drinks is short span. We all know the effects of consuming high doses of the ingredients in energy drinks, as discussed above. I would instead prefer taking coffee in a relaxed way to gain its optimum benefits than guzzling down energy drinks and suffer from a severe sugar crash.

Calories count

By now, we are aware that energy drinks contain an excessive amount of sugars. The primary source of calories in our bodies is processed sugars. Although calories are a measure of energy in our bodies, we need to make sure that we obtain them from relatively healthier drinks such as coffee. An average energy drink may contain about 110 calories, while with the same amount of coffee, we can acquire about five calories.

We struggle so much with workout activities to cut excess calories in our bodies. To make sure that these exercises are not in vain, we should opt for coffee as it has fewer calories.


old man drinking coffee

Although we enjoy energy drinks now since we are young, we will not enjoy taking them at old age. Considering that also older people need some level of stimulation, there must be a drink to suit comfortably to all age brackets. Coffee is a drink that swipes through all the ages since it has gained acceptability. Due to this, we better get used to using coffee than suffer the hustle of trying to cut on our energy drinks consumption at old age.


We consume more caffeine in a small bottle of an energy drink than we do in a cup of coffee. Too much caffeine has been associated with dizziness, nausea, and headaches. We should, therefore, evaluate these risks and choose between drinking our coffee or take these caffeine loaded drinks.


Many communities have accepted coffee as a center for bringing families together. With energy drinks, unless we are engaging in sports activities, we may never have a chance to meet with other people when taking them.

Energy drinks are also seen as entertainment drinks in some communities; hence are enjoyed in bars. Since not everybody is interested in bar life, drinking coffee is an alternative that will offer the same results as energy drinks in a more comfortable manner.

Control over diseases

Although this may not have unfolded in our lives, coffee reduces the risk of contracting many health conditions. While this may be possible with energy drinks due to the caffeine in them, the other ingredients in energy drinks counter these effects by bringing even more severe health problems.

Coffee, unlike energy drinks, has been associated with lowering the risk of Alzheimer's disease and diabetes type 2. Coffee has also shown fantastic results in burning excess fats in the body, reducing the risk of heart-related problems such as Angina.


In every product we buy, we always try to look for the option of offering the best value for our money. A small sachet of coffee can make several cups of coffee and hence cheaper compared to buying a bottle of energy drink each time we need an energy boost.

Since different recipes are available to make tasty coffee, we better stick to this cheaper option.