Why coffee makes you feel good

There's a reason coffee is the most popular drink in the world, aside from water, being drunk by around 83% of the entire world's population. It's because coffee is able to target all the different pleasure centers of our brain, and people tend to enjoy that quite a bit.

Coffee is able to keep you awake and give you that kick of energy needed to complete an important task, so of-course it is going to be making you feel good. Yet did you know that there are actually some legitimate scientific reasons as to why this popular drink makes you feel so good?

Stick around for the rest of the article if you want to hear how coffee manages to make you feel good.

The release of dopamine

Dopamine is the very chemical that makes us feel all giddy and even euphoric. It makes us happy and often gives needed energy to complete tasks that otherwise were never going to be done. This is exactly why coffee makes the average person feel so good, because it's allowing us to produce the dopamine of which we love so much. Coffee is able to do this due to the way in which it stimulates the brain’s neurotransmitters, which then obviously go on to create dopamine.

This is a key reason as to why people love drinking coffee because it gives them that great aforementioned giddy feeling that then goes on to often help them with productivity and many other aspects of their life. Due to this release of dopamine, many people go on to get addicted to coffee and find themselves with headaches after getting into a cycle of consuming too much.

So whilst coffee is a brilliant thing that helps improve your efficiency, happiness and general lifestyle, like most things, it must be used in variation otherwise serious consequences may face you.

Coffee is good for you

lady smelling coffee

Here's an interesting piece of information for you; Even the heaviest coffee users are actually less likely to die early than people who do not drink coffee. This shows that even in excess, coffee reaps many health benefits that go on to result in longer life. On top of this, coffee actively helps to improve the unlikeliness of an individual to contract colon cancer, diabetes, and the severe inflammations associated with heart disease.

As a result of this, to put it simply, coffee is doing a huge amount of good for your body, which in turn may help to answer that overarching question of why drinking coffee makes people feel so good. On top of this, significant evidence is also available to point towards coffee helping to combat Parkinson’s disease, which is yet another reason why the average person does and should feel so good about that morning wake-up drink.

Further research also states that the average person is actually now aware of the great benefits that come with drinking the delicious drink in moderation, which is why many even enjoy coffee in the first place, simply because they associate it as a type of health drink.

A good source of energy

We've all been there. A little mix up of schedule and an all-nighter is needed to be pulled to complete your university essay due the next day or even that bit of homework that you have been dreading. It's so late at night, you have absolutely no-one to turn to: except coffee. The average cup of coffee contains around 40 milligrams of that good stuff known as caffeine.

It isn't the coffee, but the rather the caffeine you should thank for that A in English on your report card. Caffeine finds itself in the category of a psychoactive stimulant, which only works due to the way in which it crosses the 'blood-brain barrier' and binds to the adenosine receptors, which are of-course sleep-inducing neurotransmitters of the brain.

Caffeine works to decrease the amount of these transmitters, which obviously then decreases the amount you want to sleep, and increases the chances of you being able to submit your book report by midnight. On top of this, caffeine works as a bit of an undercover agent within your brain, due to the way it looks exactly like adenosine to a nerve cell, thus tricking the nerve cell.

Caffeine then binds to the adenosine receptor, but unlike adenosine, it does not slow down the cell activity, which of course results in the hit you get around five minutes after your first big gulp. Further research also dictates that due to the brain and body preparing itself to feel giddy and almost sped up, more dopamine is released as a result of this, which is yet another reason why coffee makes you feel good.

Helps you stay in shape

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Another reason why so many people come away from their first gulp of coffee feeling so good about themselves is due to the now certainly correct scientific research that states coffee is a major factor if you are on the journey to losing weight, and it all comes back to that previously mentioned apparently amazing substance, caffeine.

Caffeine is actually already found in most commercial fat burning supplements sold to the public, and that's for an extremely good reason. It's because caffeine works to boost your metabolism rate anywhere from 3% to 11% depending on your circumstances and how much coffee you consume. Other studies have actually directly linked the loss of weight and the consumption of caffeine, showing that getting caffeine inside you burns your fat at a 10% quicker rate in obese individuals and 29% in lean people. However, there is a downside to this.

Due to this whole thing only occurring due to the way caffeine makes you so jittery, long term coffee drinkers who have built up an immunity to the stuff, meaning that they are no longer affected by caffeine so seriously, will not be able to reap the great weight-loss benefits that come simply through the sip of an already delicious drink.

Yet if you are relatively new to coffee, then it is almost a certainty that you will be losing that weight in no-time. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and start enjoying the great benefits of coffee today!

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