Why does coffee boost my mood?

I had this friend who was always jovial and when I asked him why, his answer was always the same: coffee.

So i began to ask myself: why does coffee boost your mood?

I remember my first cup of coffee; it tasted good, was served hot, and it gave me a high level of alertness after a long and tiring meeting. The great thing about coffee is that it has always kept its promise of boosting my mood each time I take it. I always make sure that my coffee mug is on my desk every day when I arrive at work in the morning. Never have I been a morning person, but coffee gives me so much energy and enhances my mood to the point that my colleagues envy my energy levels in the morning.

Coffee is reputed to have more than 1500 chemicals, such as caffeine, carbohydrates, lipids, and more, that are useful to the human body. In America, people consume over 4 million cups of coffee each day. The drink has become universal and is now totally indispensable in our diet. Many restaurants in America now offer different varieties of coffee due to the demand it has created. The benefits of drinking coffee are now well known to most Americans hence the huge need for coffee.

So, just why does coffee boost your mood? Well, turns out there are several reasons, many of which we have included below:

Coffee keeps me alert

According to science, coffee stimulates the release of dopamine, which produces pleasant feelings. Dopamine is a transmitter (it sends signals from our body to the brain) that controls the body's movements and emotional responses. A little coffee of about 100mg has an essential effect on mental alertness.

Being alert enables you to make the best decisions in every situation. When alert, we are always more able to notice all the details needed to make good decisions. At work, we can act competently and reports are hardly returned for corrections.

Coffee reduces my stress levels

man with headache

Coffee binds adenosine receptors, thereby reducing depression. It contains chromogenic, ferrule and caffeic acids that reduce the inflammation of nerve cells responsible for depression. Some properties of caffeine soothe inflammations in our brains that cause depression.

When I take a cup of coffee, I feel good about myself and my energy levels go up. My job requires me to keep a good mood at all times since I interact with customers, suppliers, and colleagues. I have a supportive role in my company, and therefore many people I interact with often reach out to me when they need my assistance and help.

Depression runs in our family tree, and I am therefore susceptible to it, and my doctor often recommends that I avoid situations that could be stressful to me. Coffee has been my antidepressant, and it works just as well as prescription medicine. Caffeine blocks receptors that make one feel stressful, and once the stress is out of the picture, depression cannot get a foothold.

Coffee increases my positivity

My colleagues depend on me to create a pleasant atmosphere in the team. They always praise me for being positive and lively at work and always at hand to help them with their requests. This level of positivity has helped me become a favorite person at wor,, and my bosses often congratulate me for staying positive even during crisis moments.

Since I began consuming coffee, I am now the one who sets the mood in our family during dinner and times when we are together. I look at life in a very positive way, and I am rarely discouraged by a sudden or unexpected turn of events.

Coffee helps me in my workout

lady with workout outfit drinking coffee

I have been a sports enthusiast for about ten years. I exercise about four days each week, and I combine indoor and outdoor exercises. Before starting my workouts, I often ensure that I have taken a cup of coffee. When working out, I feel an increase in stamina and endurance on the floor of the gym. Coffee contains caffeine, which is a stimulant that is safe to use to increase workout intensity. The intensity burns calories faster. The elements in caffeine suppress appetite and therefore reduce the number of calories in a day.

Recently, my gym instructor opined that coffee also improves the time it takes for muscles to recover from the effects of long workouts. I agreed with him because it is something I have experienced first-hand at the gym. I can attribute my success at the gym to my coffee intake. I have been able to shed off excess weight and toned my muscles. I feel lighter and happier.

The reasons listed show why I must always have a cup of coffee around me. It has become part of my life, thanks to the benefits I have been able to get. I have a coffee making machine at work and at home that ensure I have a constant supply. In my shopping list, even when on holiday or traveling on business, I must ensure that I have a sufficient quantity of coffee with me.

Interestingly, before my dalliance with coffee, my life was different. I struggled with low energy levels at work and home. My family complained about my mood swings and it was sometimes unpleasant for others to be around me. I would often feel tired and I would hardly concentrate on a task without getting a constant feeling of boredom and fatigue. The complaints made me feel worse because I always desired to be a positive influence on others.

At my former place of work, I struggled to meet my performance objectives and was just an average employee, and I could not get performance bonuses like some of my colleagues. The situation changed when a friend of mine recommended coffee, and it has never been the same since.