Why Does My Coffee Always Taste Bad?

Studies indicate that many people prefer coffee over tea. That is partly because coffee provides excellent taste and other benefits compared to beverages such as tea. Therefore if you prepare coffee in the right way, you will enjoy the great taste.

However, many of us do not prepare coffee correctly and this can leave the end result bitter, acrid or watery.

We have researched for you some of the top answers for the question: why does my coffee always taste bad?

Your coffee beans are not fresh

Using coffee beans that are not fresh is among the top causes of poor taste in your coffee. Since coffee does not have a set shelf life, you need to know that your beans’ quality can be affected by so many things.

One of the first things that can make your coffee beans lose freshness is the way you store them. Avoid leaving your coffee beans in an open place since they can lose gases that keep them fresh. Most of the coffee beans undergo a process known as degassing when left in an open area and lose carbon dioxide. When such gases escape, the coffee loses its flavor.

Therefore you can fix the issue mentioned earlier by storing your beans well and avoiding beans that have stayed for long. Choose fresh coffee beans.

Unsuitable roasting method

If you need to enjoy great coffee taste, you need to roast your coffee beans using special roasting equipment.

Else if you do not have proper roasting equipment, you need to ensure your roasting mimics the roasting similar to those of professional coffee roasting equipment. Roasting the coffee beans incorrectly can affect the coffee taste greatly. One of the best ways to ensure you roast the beans well is by applying a consistent heat through the roasting time. Therefore you can fix the roasting issues by getting the best coffee roasting equipment or change the coffee type.

Using low-quality coffee

dried coffee beans

There are a huge range of coffee varieties, each with different tastes. Therefore for the people asking why does my coffee always taste terrible, maybe you need to change varieties.

You need to know that coffee quality can affect taste. Some of the coffee varieties you need to know include Arabica, Robusta, charrieriana, geisha, and many more. All the coffee varieties mentioned earlier provide different tastes. For the best coffee quality, you need to choose Arabica or Robusta. Thus for a quality coffee taste, you need to buy the best quality coffee beans.

Using the wrong grinder

Grinding is another thing that can affect your coffee’s taste. The grinder that you choose depends on the method you are using. Grinds that provide better coffee particles for easy solubility are good.

That is because of the higher the solubility, the better the taste. When grinding your coffee, you need to avoid over or under extraction. When you over-extract, your coffee will taste bitter because the flavor is in excess. Thus, you need to adjust the size of the grounds depending on the coffee variety you are using.

Your water temperature is not right

Your water temperature plays a huge role in offering the required taste in your coffee. The recommended water temperature for preparing various coffee varieties is 96 degrees Celsius.

When the water temperature is below the recommended hotness, the coffee taste will not be good. One fantastic thing with coffee is that if the flavor is right, one can pay any amount. Therefore if you need to prepare coffee, you need to ensure your water temperature is okay. You can buy a simple thermometer to help you know the right temperature.

You are using tap water

Using tap water can affect the taste of your coffee. There are various minerals contained in water that can affect the taste of your coffee. You need to ensure the water you are using is free from impurities. Use things such as a water filter system to get rid of the various particles from your water before using it. By doing so, you will improve the taste of your coffee.

Using a dirty coffee maker

dirty coffee maker

To prepare a good coffee, you need to ensure the coffee maker equipment is as clean as possible. That is because using dirty equipment can make your coffee taste lousy. In most cases, if the coffee does not have its unique flavor, odors from unclean equipment may contribute to that bad taste. Thus, to ensure you have a great coffee taste every time, ensure that you wash your coffee maker equipment after each use.

Using old coffee maker equipment

There is various modern coffee maker equipment with improved efficiency. In some cases, using your old coffee maker equipment for a long time can have some complications. All you need is to conduct research about the best coffee maker machines with top features. Modern coffee maker machines provide essential functions such as auto timing, temperature control, and much more. With such equipment, you can set any temperature you want.

You always make the same mistakes

There are some other mistakes that you can make when preparing a coffee. Some of those mistakes are such as using inadequate coffee, too much water, or even poor timing. For instance, using a lot of water to cook very little coffee powder/beans provides bad taste.

That is because the coffee will not provide enough flavor to the large volume of water used. Also, using too much coffee on little water will make your coffee taste bitter. Thus, ensure everything you are using is at its correct portions.