Why Does My Coffee Taste Salty

My coffee never disappoints as I have different coffee varieties which I take to offer different tastes at a specific time of day. In fact, I have been drinking coffee daily for 10 years now!

From my experience of being served with salty coffee, I decided to learn more about coffee and its tastes. Due to the love I have for coffee, I decided that I needed to learn as much as possible so that I could also help others who may dislike it for such salty tastes.

Tastes of Coffee

Coffee tastes are determined by the areas of the world where they are grown. The taste will be determined by coffee methods, soil type and the altitude of the area where it is grown. The world has two main distinct coffee varieties; Arabica and Robusta.

Arabica coffee has a smooth taste and is most commonly served as artisan coffee. Robusta coffee on the other hand, has a harsher taste and is cheaper in prices and therefore most likely sold commercially. It is also easy to grow.

As a coffee lover, I am very keen on the details in tastes and I only make purchases in specific coffee shops. When I visit a restaurant, I have to know clearly what type of coffee they sell. My friends rely on me for advice on which coffee shops to visit. I abhor coffee that doesn’t taste good.

Coffee Roasting

The taste of coffee is also determined by the roast degree. Coffee comes from a bean and to convert it to a level where it can be taken from a cup of coffee, it is roasted using a roasting machine. As it is roasted, the bean gets darker and the darker it gets the more it loses caffeine levels. It can be either light roast, medium roast or dark roast.

The medium roast is also referred to as regular roast and the beans are roasted until their second crack. The dark roast is chocolate and dark brown. They have the lowest caffeine content and have a bitter taste which is likely to be salty.

I prefer the lighter roasted coffee as they have higher levels of caffeine which is the component that makes coffee so sweet and enjoyable to drink. Caffeine is a stimulant and gives me energy, keeps me awake, makes me jovial and lively. The lighter roasted coffee tastes so great and does not have a bad salty taste.

Coffee Storage

coffee bean storage

Coffee can also have a salty taste due to its storage conditions. Coffee should be stored in a cool and dry place preferably a pantry shelf. It should be stored in a place with good air circulation and in an open place.

Such conditions will ensure that the coffee maintains its taste even if stored for a long time. If possible, it should be stored in opaque airtight containers that are well locked and should remain closed until the day when the coffee is about to be served.

When coffee is frozen for daily use, the different temperatures create moisture in the packet which may cause a salty taste in the morning. However, you can freeze the beans for up to a month but they should stay in the freezer without being taken in and out.

If you would like to roast them, it is better to divide them into small portions such that you only take out those that you need on a particular day and leave the rest for the next round of roasting.

Coffee Extraction

Coffee brewing involves extraction where water extracts ingredients from the coffee beans that are dissolved to produce the brown color. The extraction process should be done carefully to ensure a balance between the acidic flavors and the sweet flavors.

If a balance is not achieved, you will end up with under-extracted coffee where the water does not pull enough flavors out of the beans.

Under extracted coffee may have a saltiness flavor. The saltiness may not taste like table salt but it might be close. My own experience with this when I began taking coffee, I used to think that the taste was just in my head. It is until I took interest and became a barrister (out of self-learning) that I realized that the saltiness is real.

You may be getting this taste in your coffee and you may think that it is normal. I assure you that it is not.

We were recently discussing coffee saltiness in our coffee lover’s forum on social media and it was interesting to learn that most coffee lovers are not aware of the cause of the saltiness. Most of them think that it is just a normal taste of coffee.

Coffee should have an acidic taste and not saltiness. As a coffee lover, I can tell the difference between the two tastes and I believe that you can too learn to spot the differences as you continue enjoying your coffee.