Why Is Coffee Zero Calories?

For all of us coffee lovers, the drink is truly our lifeblood. We all prepare coffee in our own special way, you may prefer it with milk, with soy, chocolate syrup or vanilla, whatever it is, it is essential.

There's just something special about when waking up to a freshly brewed coffee. It just doesn't feel right if we don't get that smell, that taste, and the burst of beautiful energy in the morning.

Now, I know that you have heard about the disadvantages of coffee before; from it raising your blood pressure, to the suspicion that it may cause insomnia or it may induce heart attacks. On the other hand, the advantages of coffee are that it helps those with type 2 diabetes and may reduce the risk of cancer. In fact, coffee even helps those with Parkinson's disease.

In this article we will cover everything you need to know to understand and educate you on why coffee is zero calories and if coffee really is healthy for you. We will look at what are the effects of coffee, how did it start, what are the costs associated with coffee and so on.

The history behind coffee

As legend says koffie was first discovered roughly around 850 A.D., in Kaffa, Ethiopia by a young goat herder named Kaldi, who noticed that when one of his goats ate a small red berry, they got a sudden burst of energy. Intrigued, Kaldi plucked some berries for himself and noticed that he felt energized after eating them.

He wanted to share the effects of these "magic" berries, so he took them to a local monastery but the head monk was intimidated by their strange influence and rejected them, throwing them into a fire. The result was a hypnotizing aroma that captivated the head monk. So after the fire was stoked, they picked up the roasted beans that were left among the embers, ground them and produced the first-ever cup of koffie.

As far as official historical documents are concerned, "coffee" or koffie was discovered in Ethiopia around the 15th century. The drink we now know as coffee was thus introduced to the West, by the Dutch Trading Company in the late 16th-century.

Why Is Coffee Zero Calories?

black coffee with leaf

The reason why is coffee zero calories is that the calories only come from the oil that is emulsified from the coffee beans and because it's so low, at 2 kcal, which can easily be burned by something as simple as putting chapstick or lipstick for like 9 times, it's not worth counting as most people would agree.

The oil is what gives your coffee taste, otherwise, your coffee would just be literally colored water. When you mix water and hot roasted beans, chemical coloring assimilates and the starches start to break down and form simple sugars.

Now if you were to use the grounds, that's a whole different story and it's definitely gonna give you a lot of calories but since you're using a filter, it essentially captures the calories and spews out the oils that give you the taste, the texture, all without the calories. It's when you add more such as milk, soy, vanilla-- that you get calories.

To keep it simple, let's use a blended fruit drink as an example:

When you put fruit in water and blend it all together, you got an enhanced, slushy result, right? It's more or less the same with coffee, the natural taste of your coffee bean is simply enhanced to bring out its real flavor and texture. You can eat it by itself, but it will not be as good as the enhanced version.

Your Method of Brewing Coffee Determines Calories

pouring black coffee on cup with beans on the side

If you are having Turkish coffee that leaves small amounts of coffee grounds (as opposed to leaving out the dregs) then your cup of coffee will have small amounts of calories. Essentially, coffee grounds are what you call residue (it's that dark brown stuff that you see left when you have drank your coffee)

When you use a coffee machine, there's a filter, which captures the dark brown stuff as the coffee beans get roasted and leave in the machine. Think of it as a separation between the shell of the coffee bean and squeezes out the oils of the beans. If there's no filter, it means more calories or a stronger brew of coffee.

Coffee should be drunk when it's hot, not when it's cold. Let me ask you, do you remember tasting cold coffee? It had a weird, awful taste. This is a simple idea of why separation or a filter is necessary because if there's none, even if it is hot, it can be really too strong. Most people, like me, don't like that. I like mine smooth, with a light texture and subtle earthy taste.

What are the common health advantages of Coffee

Let’s take a look at some of the best known health benefits of this most popular beverage.

  • Daily consumption of 24+ oz or 2 tall coffee cups from Starbucks will lower your liver's cirrhosis by 80%
  • Caffeine helps in firing up or waking up your brain more rapidly as it is a psychoactive
  • It fights off depression and gives you a happier mood as it boosts your energy
  • It can help lose weight, as it can boost your metabolism by 10%
  • As studies show, black coffee can reduce your risk to type 2 diabetes
  • It helps keep your body cleaner, is coffee a diuretic meaning it helps you urinate more often (flushes out harmful viruses and bacteria)
  • It actually helps you in preventing Parkinson's disease