Due to social distancing measures we have 50% less staff working. This has affected our order processing times, orders are now on average taking 20-28 BUSINESS DAYS to process before shipping. We are working extra hard to improve processing times whilst keeping our teams safe and operating within the restrictions that are in place by the government.

I'm sure you've already had enough messages about COVID-19 by now, so let's just keep this short and sweet.

  • We are still open for business
  • We are closely monitoring the updates on COVID-19 and its impact to our employees and customers. 
  • We are doing everything we can to keep our teams safe, comply with government legislation and still continue to provide the best service and support to you, our customers as we can.
  • We have less staff working in our warehouse, to keep them safe and distanced from each other. So please be aware of slight delays in the printing and shipping process.
  • We will continue to update customers if anything changes.
  • But for now, we can still send you your orders in the mail.


Stay safe and healthy everyone

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